The potential for AI and Blockchain

In this fourth and final video covering the 13th Annual Canadian Lawyer InHouse General Counsel Roundtable, the participants from the Bank of Canada, Interac Corp, McKesson Canada (Rexall) Corp., SecureKey Technologies and Ontario Power Generation, discuss what they see as the potential for artificial intelligence and Blockchain.



  • Sizing up AI for in-house

    Sizing up AI for in-house

    Elisabeth Demone is no stranger to artificial intelligence. The chief legal officer at Symcor, one of Canada’s leading financial processing services providers, is keenly familiar with the potential AI has to offer.
  • Laws should monitor bias in AI, experts say

    Laws should monitor bias in AI, experts say

    Artificial intelligence expert To Anh Tran said that in the wake of Europe’s privacy laws, other lawmakers must step up to minimize the concerns about bias and artificial intelligence. Tran was one of a panel of experts who spoke at the Law Society of Ontario’s event in Toronto March 6 to mark International Women’s Day.