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on March 23, 2015
Three articling myths
It’s no secret articling can be stressful. For many students, this is their first time working in a law office. Even those who have summered have probably heard stories about how different articling is, and have preconceived notions of how their lives will change over the year. In this article, I hope to dispel some of those myths.
on March 16, 2015
I failed in law school and you can too
Nobody is perfect. If you came to law school believing you were, chances are the first year gave you doubts. Every year, law school classrooms get filled with brilliant, hardworking, and competitive young professionals. Being just one in the heap can be a difficult adjustment, especially for those who came from places where they were considered exceptional.
on March 9, 2015
How to land an articling interview
The Canadian economy is still picking up since the 2008 recession. Despite this, the annual unemployment rate is still around six or seven per cent, which is much higher than a lot of other developed countries. Also, with the rise of the cost of living and an increased number of university graduates, having a Bachelor’s degree or even a law degree doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get a job.

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Fall 2014, Volume 9 • Issue 2
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    Issue: Fall 2014
    After a few weeks of law school Frances Mahon boldly went to professor Alan Young’s office at Osgoode Hall Law…
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    Issue: Fall 2014
    No matter what your undergraduate specialty was, law school is a different beast altogether. So what do you need to…
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    Issue: Fall 2014
    Assistant editor Mallory Hendry caught up with the University of Alberta’s new law dean Paul Paton soon after he officially…
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    Issue: Fall 2014
    Entrepreneurship is a catchword in the practice of law these days, but it’s also a skill you could use when…
  • Written by Ted Flett
    Issue: Fall 2014
    Randy Campbell sits at the front of the class, usually without neighbours. “I like to feel like it’s just me…
  • Written by Arshy Mann
    Issue: Fall 2014
    Harry Arthurs knows a thing or two about legal education. The 79-year-old has been a fixture of Canada’s legal community…
  • Written by Mallory Hendry
    Issue: Fall 2014
    Practising in class actions, in Windsor, Ont., government, in Edmonton
    • Subtitle Students' Page
    Written by Veronica Yeung
    Issue: Fall 2014
    My costumes are inspired by an interest in classical Japanese ghost folklore and my studies in law and social justice…
    • Subtitle Editor's Desk
    Written by Gail J. Cohen
    Issue: Fall 2014
    Ontario’s new law practice program has taken flight providing budding lawyers with the opportunity to get their licence to practise…
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Calgary man who tortured, killed dog and cat sentenced to 22 months
RT @LegalFeedsblog: New blog post: Ont appeal court clarifies which expert witnesses covered by new rule #cdnlaw #law
UK’s University of Law granted an ABS licence. Interesting move. via @Lawyer2Bmag #ABSont #lsbencher

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