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August 25, 2014
Futures report offers some food for thought for law students, teachers
The Canadian Bar Association’s 2014 Legal Futures report explores some interesting possibilities for law students and their education.
August 25, 2014
Landing the big one
After a few weeks of law school Frances Mahon boldly went to professor Alan Young’s office at Osgoode Hall Law School and in her words, “begged him for a job.” His response to her plea was disappointing yet encouraging at the same time. “He said: ‘Come talk to me in the summer when you actually know something and you’re not a baby law student,’” recalls Mahon, who would later that year begin a two-year journey working on one of the most pivotal cases in recent Canadian history.
Definitely Mabey
August 25, 2014
Heard about the high margins and so you want to invest in a law firm?
Dr. Larry Richard, seen by many as an eminent expert on the personality profile of lawyers, has pointed out the following characteristics of lawyers in the past:
August 25, 2014
Video: Making Rain - Be visible and brand effectively
Lawyers who are successful and effective leaders are recognized and trusted by colleagues and clients. This month, executive coach Debra Forman offers  some tips to become more visible and brand effectively.

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August 2014 • Volume 38, Issue 8
  • Written by Gail J. Cohen
    Issue Date: August 2014
    Canadian Lawyer’s Top 25 Most Influential in the justice system and legal profession is now in its fifth year. The…
    • Subtitle Legal Report: ADR
    Written by Arshy Mann
    Issue Date: August 2014
    Compared to the combat of litigation, alternative dispute resolution might seem to some like a pleasant alternative. But mediations, arbitrations,…
  • Written by Elizabeth Thompson
    Issue Date: August 2014
    As the election returns rolled in on a cold January night in 2006, few Canadians were watching them more closely…


    • Subtitle Real Estate
    Written by Marg. Bruineman
    Issue Date: August 2014
    Like many relationships, the one between a commercial landlord and tenant could come to a much happier, simpler conclusion if precautions are taken beforehand.


    • Subtitle Editor's Desk
    Written by Gail J. Cohen
    Issue Date: August 2014
    I say this every August, but this is my favourite time of the year at Canadian Lawyer as we present the annual Top 25 Most Influential. The Top 25 process starts early in the spring with the call going out for nominations. This gives me a chance to reach out…
    • Subtitle Banking on Corporate
    Written by Neill May
    Issue Date: August 2014
    Harry Truman famously had a sign on his desk in the Oval Office that said: “The buck stops here!” Certainly this is not what Harry meant, but a buck is not worth now what it was during his presidency. Truman probably would not recognize how political responsibility has evolved either.…
RT @JusticeCanadaEN: Note: applications on Justice websites will be unavailable from 3PM Friday to 8AM Sunday EDT
RT @JasonvanRassel: Lawyers in #yyc #yeg set up toll-free hotline to help ppl denied legal aid get coverage via court orders:
A memorial service for former AB Prov. Ct CJ Gail Vickery will be Sept. 6 at 11 a.m. First Alliance Church, 12345-40th Street SE, Calgary
RT @LegalFeedsblog: New blog post: Lawyer facing discipline accuses @LawsocietyLSUC counsel of witness tampering

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