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In-house Coach
June 19, 2017
Nice guys and gals always finish . . . first!
As I sat in my chair at the Canadian General Counsel Awards and looked around the sold out room, beyond the wonderful tuxes and dresses, the smiles and the great food, two important things ran through my mind. First, how incredible it is to see a room so full of capable, knowledgeable and accomplished external counsel, in-house counsel and other leaders of industry who are no longer actively practising law. This, I will admit, is always a great reason for attending wonderful events like the CGCA
The IT Girl
June 19, 2017
Procurement blues: well-run process did not avoid fraud
Sometimes even when you do things right, things can go horribly wrong.
Border Crossings
June 19, 2017
The haunting insult of being a ‘taxpayer cost’
When Angela Chesters learned she could not reunite with her husband in Canada as a landed immigrant because she was likely to create an excessive demand on our health and social services, she felt insulted. Chesters was, and is, an independent woman who obtained a Masters degree in Science and Information Technology and who had engaged in full-time work averaging some 70 hours per week. She is bright, hardworking and had much to offer Canada in 1994.
June 19, 2017
Catch me if you can: The art of pursuing fraudulent debtors
For the past 20 years, I have been engaged in a cat-and-mouse game with debtors. Together with our lawyers, I have acted for hundreds of creditors, including individuals, small and large corporations and financial institutions. Our client range is diverse because fraud is a pervasive problem.
The Woodshed
June 19, 2017
The Ghomeshi rules: Bill C-51 creates unprecedented case of reverse disclosure
Earlier this month, Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould introduced legislation to modernize the Criminal Code. The new legislation, Bill C-51, would repeal sections of the Criminal Code that have been found unconstitutional, remove outdated offences and bring written sexual assault law up to speed with court decisions. 

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JUNE 2017 • Volume 41, Issue 6
    • Subtitle Cover Story
    Written by Elizabeth Thompson
    Issue Date: June 2017
    A turf war between law societies and the federal government is almost inevitable with new rules on anti-money laundering and…
  • Written by Mallory Hendry
    Issue Date: June 2017
    Canadian Lawyer’s annual Legal Fees Survey shows that the billable hour is far from dead, but it doesn’t hurt to…
    • Subtitle Legal Report: Tax
    Written by Mallory Hendry
    Issue Date: June 2017
    Offshore accounts will soon be much easier to track for Canadian authorities as a new treaty comes into effect.


    • Subtitle Real Estate
    Written by Marg. Bruineman
    Issue Date: June 2017
    Rules preventing non-residents from owning property are nothing new, but they are back in the spotlight with a red hot real estate market.


    • Subtitle Legal Innovation Now
    Written by Stephen Mabey
    Issue Date: June 2017
    Law firms say they are innovating in how they charge clients, but the rubber has yet to hit the road.
    • Subtitle Editor's Desk
    Written by Tim Wilbur
    Issue Date: June 2017
    Our June issue of Canadian Lawyer has a money theme. We publish our annual Legal Fees Survey in this issue, which we hope will help lawyers and law firms better understand how their fees compare to their competition. Often, lawyers make these business decisions based on little to no data, and…

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