InHouse e-discovery roundtable: Handling privileged information

  • Canadian Coalition of Municipalities Against Racis

    Melinda Munro
    This article is interesting but it misses a major development in Canada. The Canadian Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism and Discrimination (CCMARD) now boasts over 70 member municipalities who have signed a 10 point commitment to eliminate racism and discrimination in housing, employment, policing and education within the municipal jurisdiction.

    CCMARD is part of the UNESCO Coalition of Cities Against Racism which is a world-wide network of cities who have agreed to the 10 point plan. The European Coalition of Cities Against Racism (ECCAR) hosts a biennial conference of its members who number well over 100.
  • \"Human rights and the city\" article

    Joe Simpson
    Excellent & timley article, Sonya, which I much appreciated reading - partly as a lawyer myself but also after spending a few days in fast-expanding "Arrival City" Kathmandu, Nepal last March, and because I am almost finished reading Doug Saunders' excellent new book of that title which you refer to in your piece above. Have just sent the link for this article to Doug Saunders via FB.