Do we need another public inquiry?

  • Lawyer, Taylor McCaffrey LLP

    Cynthia Lazar
    Employers owe it to their employees, and members of the public who may come into contact with their employees to maintain a safe workplace. Testing, used in appropriate circumstances, is one tool which can increase the safety of the workforce and the public. The response chosen by an Employer to a positive test can have a greater focus on the best interests of the individual employee. In house counsel should ask themselves what the headline would look like the day after a catastrophic accident. Certainly, they would want to be secure in asserting that the Employer did all it could have.
  • Chief Operating Officer, CannAmm Occupational Test

    Scott Boyer
    It is important to note that drug testing does not test for impairment; it helps to identify addiction so that people can get treatment and return to work safely. Addiction and drug use cause accidents significantly impacting the worker, their families and the employer. More importantly, the 5% to 15% of the workforce who have addiction issues unfairly put everyone else at risk because of their behavior.

    There are ways for employers to implement fair and acceptable policies and procedures to help protect their workforce and their families. There are several competent resources in Canada, my company included, that can assist with policy implementation.
  • Lawyer

    Jim Sayre
    Have the proponents of such practices never heard of civil liberties? human rights? the Charter? Or do they just not agree with them?

    If employers want to engage in a police state approach to substance abuse (or, in the context discussed here, substance USE, which is a very different thing...), let them start at the top. Subject all of the executives, in-house lawyers, sales staff, and others who shape company policy to the same testing they want to impose on workers, and fire anyone who fails - without any severance package, of course.

    Even that wouldn't justify imposing such policies on workers, who have no control such decisions, but at least management could claim to have a vestige of integrity when they talk about sacrificing workers' rights for the greater good.

    I'm not holding my breath, though.