• Combatting cyber threats: CSE releases new baseline cybersecurity controls

    Jun 17, 2019

    On April 5, 2019, the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security released the Baseline Cyber Security Controls for Small and Medium Organizations intended to assist small and medium organizations in Canada that want recommendations to improve their cyber security resiliency.

  • Feds call on Competition Bureau to address Big Data

    Feds call on Competition Bureau to address Big Data

    May 23, 2019

    The Government of Canada is calling on the Competition Bureau to address the “unprecedented challenges” arising from digital technology, including scrutinizing the potentially anti-competitive nature of Big Data while maintaining the innovation that advancements in the tech sector provide the economy.

  • Federal Court makes clear: Website scraping is illegal

    May 13, 2019

    As a general rule, we all know it is not a good idea to scrape content from a website, yet some companies persist in this behaviour contrary to law and best practice.

  • CRTC ups the CASL liability ante for directors and officers

    May 6, 2019

    On April 23, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission announced the first penalty against an individual for violating Canada’s anti-spam law and imposed a $100,000 administrative monetary penalty against the former CEO of coupon marketing company nCrowd, Inc. This is the first time that an individual has been found liable for CASL violations committed by a corporation. This case also follows (relatively) recent CRTC guidance relating to potential third-party liability for CASL violations.

  • Due diligence gets a makeover

    Due diligence gets a makeover

    Apr 30, 2019

    When it comes to conducting due diligence in mergers and acquisitions, it’s all about looking for risks in a haystack of data, thanks in large part to the proliferation of documents and information to review for a proposed deal.

  • The role of in-house in AI adoption

    The role of in-house in AI adoption

    Apr 30, 2019

    When I left private practice and went in-house, I was given valuable advice from a mentor of mine. She said that my role is not just about being an advisor to my business clients and it was important that I not limit myself to being just a “legal risk manager.”

  • Revamping the KM approach

    Revamping the KM approach

    Apr 30, 2019

    Full disclosure. I’m a total geek. So, when our legal division enshrined knowledge management into one of our teams, I was like a kid in a candy store.

  • The many lessons of the Equifax data breach

    Apr 15, 2019

    The Equifax decision and related compliance agreement between the OPC and Equifax Canada that that sets out detailed timelines for various corrective measures to be put in place by Equifax Canada regarding consent, safeguards and accountability in addition to six years of third party audits, offers a treasure trove of practical lessons for organizations looking to comply with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (as well as some surprises).

  • Agile contracts

    Agile contracts

    Apr 8, 2019

    It is hard for anyone working in an information technology company to escape jargon. IT folks will outsmart lawyers in inventing and using jargon any day. One term that has been around for a while but has gained traction recently is “agile.”

  • Technology wants to be friends!

    Apr 8, 2019

    Generally, technology provides certain expected benefits. Other benefits appear totally unexpected. As an early adopter of technology, I tried using an automotive navigation system a couple of times. Driving in a large, unknown city can be intimidating, so I like to have some gentle guidance on where to go. Anything more than this level of guidance causes my frontal cortex to freeze up. As you know, numerous people ended up in rivers, lakes and oceans simply following navigation-system directions with no further frontal cortex involvement of their own.

  • Ethics before algorithms

    Ethics before algorithms

    Mar 18, 2019

    There has been much written on the topic of ethics in artificial intelligence and innovation recently.

  • Tech support: law firms lining up to take advantage of tech boom

    Tech support: law firms lining up to take advantage of tech boom

    Mar 18, 2019

    “Technology has no boundaries. Everything either is touched by it or will be in the future.”

  • United States Federal Trade Commission strikes one for children’s privacy

    Mar 11, 2019

    On Feb. 27, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission announced that operators of the video networking app (now known as TikTok), had agreed to pay US$5.7 million to settle allegations that they had illegally collected personal information from children in violation of the Children’s Online Privacy Act. The order marks the highest civil penalty ever obtained by the FTC in a children’s privacy case.

  • OSFI unveils new technology and cybersecurity breach requirements

    Feb 11, 2019

    In addition to ensuring their compliance with Canada’s new federal mandatory data breach and breach-of-security-safeguards reporting requirements under the private sector Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, federally regulated financial institutions will soon have additional regulatory reporting requirements regarding technology and cybersecurity incidents, thanks to a recent Advisory promulgated by The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions.

  • The state of legal tech

    The state of legal tech

    Feb 4, 2019

    Very late last year, Tel Aviv-based business-to-business company LawGeex announced that total 2018 investment in legal technology — a.k.a. “law tech” or (more frequently) “legal tech” — had surpassed US$1 billion.

  • Getting billing data under control

    Getting billing data under control

    Feb 4, 2019

    When Aniz Alani arrived at the City of Abbotsford in early 2017 as the municipality’s first in-house counsel, he quickly identified one area in particular he knew he needed to get some control over — managing the bills coming in from external law firms.

  • Our most important tool

    Feb 4, 2019

    If you speak with any legal tech entrepreneur long enough, talk often shifts from cool new technologies to human behaviour.

  • Blakes hosts demo day to show how it's working with emerging legal tech companies

    Blakes hosts demo day to show how it's working with emerging legal tech companies

    Jan 21, 2019

    It’s not often you see a mini trade show of technology vendors set up inside one of Canada’s largest national law firms, but in an effort to show clients how it is working to innovate with the emerging legal ecosystem, Blake Cassels and Graydon LLP opened its doors to host a tech demo day last week in Toronto.

  • Dude, where’s my data? The OPC’s privacy guidance to cannabis retailers and purchasers

    Jan 14, 2019

    With much fanfare, recreational cannabis became legal in Canada on October 17, 2018. On December 17, 2018, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada published preliminary guidance for cannabis retailers and customers regarding the protection of personal information collected during such transactions, including online transactions.

  • Ethics by design: Canada adopts AI ethics and data protection declaration

    Dec 10, 2018

    Canada has added its voice to the global chorus of data protection and privacy commissioners calling for fairness, transparency and privacy by design as 'core values' in the development of artificial intelligence by co-sponsoring the Declaration on Ethics and Data Protection in Artificial Intelligence.