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  • Blood in the water as professional services firms eat into global legal markets

    Jul 8, 2019

    While traditional law firms may believe that technology and non-traditional legal companies are the biggest competitive threats, none – not even all of the world’s legal technology companies and alternative legal service providers combined – come close to the continuing advancements being made into the global legal services market by the big four professional services firms.

  • Let the accountants regulate

    Let the accountants regulate

    Sep 10, 2018

    Accounting firms could help us innovate in regulating legal services

  • Accounting for legal work

    Accounting for legal work

    Apr 2, 2018

    The Big Four accounting behemoths have supplanted law firms in many countries, and Canada may be next on their list.

  • Beware of the Big Four

    Apr 2, 2018

    Are accounting firms a threat to lawyers and law firms? In Canada, at least, the answer is not yet clear.