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September, 2017


  • Tech for small law

    Tech for small law

    Investing in tech has traditionally been a big challenge for small law firms, but new, low-cost solutions may be about to change that.
  • Michael Donovan’s big bet at DHX

    Michael Donovan’s big bet at DHX

    The decision to produce children’s shows at Halifax-based DHX Media Ltd. paid off.


  • Philip Slayton

    The political tipping point

    Lawyers in Pakistan have been pushing for regime change. Could or should that ever happen in Canada?
  • Tim Wilbur

    Editor's Desk

    Is civility code for exclusivity?

    Joe Groia has a long history of making enemies. He appeared on our cover in 2008, and he was as combative then as he is now.
  • Monica Goyal

    Tech competence a must

    Law schools and regulators are beginning to accept that lawyers need much better training and knowledge in how to use technology.


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