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November, 2018
  • Wills, Trusts & Estates Legal Report

    Predatory marriages

    Although the phenomenon is more often associated with financial exploitation of an elderly person, often by a caregiver, family friend or neighbour, vulnerable people of all ages are at risk.
  • Labour & Employment Legal Report

    Contracting in the gig economy

    Once upon a time — in our own land, not far away — a person went to work for a company or set up their own practice, and they stayed for 30, 40, even 50 years.
  • Prairies Regional Report

    Stability in an era of change

    Our Prairies Regional Report finds that business for many lawyers in Saskatchewan and Manitoba can rely on the ancient basics.
  • Corporate Counsel Survey

    Partnerships key for in-house success

    While alternative fee arrangements and seeking out external law firms with a diverse roster of lawyers were not top of mind for most in-house counsel who participated in Canadian Lawyer’s 2018 Corporate Counsel Survey, the billable-hour model and developing external counsel relationships were.


  • Leaving the city

    Law Office Management

    Leaving the city

    Peter Harte left his stable Ontario practice and moved north; way north.
  • Opening the Supreme Court

    Cross Examined

    Opening the Supreme Court

    In the judge’s reading room of the Supreme Court of Canada building in Ottawa on a warm fall afternoon, Wagner is reflecting on the influence of family on his life.


  • Neill May

    Banking on Corporate

    A meal of material adverse changes

    The term “MAC” appears, it seems, as often in M&A transaction agreements as it does in McDonald’s restaurants worldwide.
  • Philip Slayton

    Defending animals

    Do lawyers have an ethical obligation toward animals? Should they attempt to represent animals in legal actions against negligent, neglectful or cruel owners? Should they argue that nonhumans be given legal standing before the courts?
  • Tony Wilson

    Feed the trolls

    It’s more important than ever for lawyers to enter the online fray when someone has their facts wrong.
  • Monica Goyal

    Leveraging chatbots

    The size of the chatbot market is growing exponentially.
  • Tim Wilbur

    Editor's Desk

    Opening the Canadian Judicial Council

    The SCC has already made improvements under Wagner, but the same cannot be said for the Canadian Judicial Council, which is chaired by the chief justice.


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