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November, 2017



  • Neill May

    Banking on Corporate

    Cryptocurrent events

    It being 2017, if something walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then there must be a vigorous debate about whether it’s entitled to its own pronouns.
  • Philip Slayton

    Defending those we detest

    Do lawyers have an ethical obligation to defend the expression of opinions they despise?
  • Noel Semple

    Get creative in billing clients for dispute resolution

    Most individuals looking for legal help in a dispute would love to scrap pre-paid, uncapped time-based billing, and lawyers should be open to that.
  • Jim Middlemiss

    Muzzling defence lawyers with ‘civility’

    The Ontario legal regulator has done absurd things over the years, but the most egregious is to attack Joe Groia and make him the poster child of a civility campaign.


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