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May, 2018


  • Making city hall accountable

    Making city hall accountable

    Winnipeg lawyer Sherri Walsh is completing her first year overseeing the implementation of a code of conduct for city council.
  • Short-term headaches

    Short-term headaches

    The growing popularity of short-term rentals has brought a host of new legal issues.


  • Neill May

    Banking on Corporate

    Insider trading as baseball season starts

    There will never be another Yogi Berra. In the legal world alone, some court decisions call for the type of clarity epitomized by comments such as: “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.”
  • Philip Slayton

    South Africa’s legal architects

    After apartheid, South African lawyers moved from being immoral technicians to champions of equality.
  • Kate Simpson

    Legal Innovation Now

    Bring on the product managers

    Law firms need a person who is formally responsible for product success.
  • Tim Wilbur

    Editor's Desk

    Can you trust blockchain?

    Every few years, the legal profession is told that some new breakthrough technology is going to change the profession forever.
  • Jim Middlemiss

    Beware of rogue clients

    A recent incident involving Bay Street titan Goodmans LLP has shone a light on the issue of rogue clients and the potential damage they can inflict on a law firm’s brand.


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