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January, 2018


  • Managing contamination  in a sale

    Managing contamination in a sale

    Lawyers have several tools to help buyers mitigate unanticipated environmental issues. Environmental contamination has become an increasing concern in real estate and the resulting liabilities could far exceed the original cost of the property.
  • Skirting danger abroad

    Skirting danger abroad

    Robert Amsterdam’s investigation of Turkey’s Gülen movement is his latest high-risk international assignment.


  • Neill May

    Banking on Corporate

    Director independence depends

    Independence is a central element of the regulatory framework for corporate governance.
  • Philip Slayton

    Ukraine’s benighted bar

    Most Ukrainian lawyers are enmeshed in the country’s deep-seated corruption.
  • Kate Simpson

    Legal Innovation Now

    Disrupting from within

    Most law firms won’t be technology innovators, but strategic partnerships can help them compete.
  • Jim Middlemiss

    Changing the class action notice game

    I was sitting on my comfy, Canadian-made foam couch watching TV recently when one of those obnoxious ads appeared featuring a guy talking loudly about money.
  • Tim Wilbur

    Editor's Desk

    Breaking down more than walls

    Is the open-concept office a trend that has no place in a law office? Many a skeptical lawyer would say yes. Until we did a deep look at this trend, I thought so, too.


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