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February, 2019
  • Family Law Legal Report

    Protecting the most vulnerable

    A look at child protection across the country shows a system that is struggling to better protect children and youth.
  • Atlantic Regional Report

    The best of both worlds

    Step on an elevator anywhere on the East Coast and whoever is inside will say hello — family, friend or perfect stranger. Inevitably they will comment on the weather. Connecting with those in the community is part of the fabric of life in the four provinces that comprise Atlantic Canada.
  • Personal Injury Legal Report

    When the mind fails to heal

    Personal injury lawyers, on the plaintiff and insurance-defence side, say they are increasingly dealing with claimants diagnosed with somatic symptom disorder, previously known as somatoform disorder.
  • Cover Story

    The state of legal tech

    Very late last year, Tel Aviv-based business-to-business company LawGeex announced that total 2018 investment in legal technology — a.k.a. “law tech” or (more frequently) “legal tech” — had surpassed US$1 billion.


  • Not just the money

    Law Office Management

    Not just the money

    Increased demand for experienced lawyers may explain a disparity in salary range revealed in the Canadian Lawyer annual compensation survey between new calls and those with more experience.
  • Confronting the unseen

    Cross Examined

    Confronting the unseen

    In her judicial application, Michele Hollins was asked how her experience would provide her with insight into the diversity of Canadian perspectives. She cited the impact of mental illness in her answer.


  • Neill May

    Banking on Corporate

    A short story about short selling

    When Randy Newman famously sang “short people got no reason to live,” he was parodying baseless prejudices, in that case against the vertically challenged. However, his lyrics would probably resonate with some issuers had they been prompted to focus on “short sellers,” who profit from share price reductions.
  • Philip Slayton

    Defending the despised

    Do lawyers have an ethical obligation to represent the unpopular?
  • Rob Miller

    Why law firms can’t compete

    Law firms are failing. They are failing society and clients by not providing accessible and affordable legal services and by offering the wrong services. They are failing their internal stakeholders by assuming only senior lawyers contribute to law firm success.
  • Paul Paton

    Don’t stigmatize religious lawyers

    What is the place of religion in a lawyer’s daily life? How should lawyers reconcile this with their professional obligations?
  • Tim Wilbur

    Editor's Desk

    Our most important tool

    If you speak with any legal tech entrepreneur long enough, talk often shifts from cool new technologies to human behaviour.


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