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February, 2017
  • Planning for cyberbreaches

    There are three types of entities in the world of cybersecurity: Those whose systems have been hacked, those who don’t know they’ve been hacked and those whose systems are about to be breached. The liabilities are palpable; not just because of the brand and reputational damage or the financial cost but because it opens doors for lawsuits.
  • In the driver’s seat

    Should personal injury lawyers be preparing for driverless cars? As the development of autonomous vehicles marches forward, personal injury firms should be thinking about the future of their practice. Fredric Litwiniuk, of Litwiniuk & Co. Barristers and Solicitors in Calgary, says his firm has already seen a reduction in accident files with the onslaught of new safety features in cars — the amount of files has stayed the same despite population increase — and expects that trend to continue as the technology trickles from luxury cars into the mainstream market.
  • Dividing the bar

    It was nine days before Christmas in 2013 when the Federation of Law Societies announced that it had granted preliminary approval to the proposed law school at Trinity Western University. Two days later, the British Columbia government gave its required consent to the program at the faith-based university located in Langley.
  • The EU trade agreement

    IP practitioners are hoping the newly signed Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement will bring a net gain. When Canada and the European Union finally signed the Canada- European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement on Oct. 30, it marked what many hoped would be a move toward reducing tariffs and other barriers to trade in an increasingly global economy.


  • Setting up shop

    Setting up shop

    Marijuana dispensaries are a legal landmine for landlords as pot laws are in a state of flux. Canada’s pending legalization of marijuana might lead merchants and users to see green, but when it comes to dispensaries, it all looks somewhat grey for many lawyers.
  • Finding his stage

    Finding his stage

    Michael Rubinoff went from a legal career to teaching theatre and producing the hit musical Come From Away. Rubinoff is ebullient. The hit musical that was his brainchild, Come From Away, is playing to sold-out audiences in Toronto, and it will soon open in previews on Broadway.


  • Naveen Mehta

    Diversity Coach

    Innovation needs diversity

    Most creative ideas do not come from ‘great thinkers’ toiling alone but from diverse teams. Some months back, I had an interaction with a partner at a Toronto mid-sized firm that went something like this...
  • Tim Wilbur

    Editor's Desk

    What’s fair? It depends

    Lawyers are often criticized for a lack of decisiveness. When clients come seeking legal advice, what they are often looking for is strategic advice, and a muddled answer can drive clients crazy. They may ask a lot of questions, but “what should I do?” is usually the most important one, and “it depends” is most often not the answer they want.


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