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April, 2019
  • Litigation legal report

    E-discovery evolution

    Digital tools to use in discovery have been evolving over the past decade or so, from glorified Excel databases to very technically sophisticated software.
  • Tax law legal report

    CRA steps up the fight

    Whether it is with house flippers in the overheated real estate market, international tax evasion, GST/HST or the federal government’s new tax reforms, tax lawyers say the Canada Revenue Agency is sharpening its fangs with new capabilities and growing more aggressive in the hunt for tax revenue.
  • Calgary city report

    A light in the oil slump Tunnel

    In 2014, when plummeting oil prices bucked Calgary’s economy, the city’s legal community — especially corporate lawyers — must have slumped in their saddles. Oil & gas have long been the rich lifeblood of the Alberta economy and, in Calgary especially, that resource sector kept lawyers well fed.
  • Cover Story

    From farm gate to dinner plate

    Ron Doering remembers the first time he heard the words food and law together. It was 1996 and more than a year since he’d stepped into the role of assistant deputy minister at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, tasked with reviewing how Canada carried out food inspection and food-related activities.


  • Opportunity in uncertainty

    Cross examined

    Opportunity in uncertainty

    For a lawyer who started his career on a typical path, Ryan Teschner has surely benefited from and embraced tumultuous events. As a young associate with a promising career on the partnership path at Heenan Blaikie, his career seemed straightforward. But it was not to be, once the firm dissolved in dramatic fashion.
  • Steady optimism - 2019 Legal Fees Survey

    Law Office Management

    Steady optimism - 2019 Legal Fees Survey

    The death knell of the billable hour still rings loudly, yet use of the traditional billing method persistently resonates in law practices across the country, Canadian Lawyer’s 2019 Legal Fees Survey reveals.


  • Neill May

    Banking on Corporate

    Challenging dissent proceedings

    Nobody can be an expert at absolutely everything, despite what my web bio may suggest. Aside from being impossible, it wouldn’t leave any time for just relaxing — or “executive time” in the language of the U.S. president’s calendar.
  • Philip Slayton

    Providing moral guidance

    The relationship between community ethical standards and the law is a two-way street.
  • Nagendra Krishnamurthy

    Agile contracts

    It is hard for anyone working in an information technology company to escape jargon. IT folks will outsmart lawyers in inventing and using jargon any day. One term that has been around for a while but has gained traction recently is “agile.”
  • Tim Wilbur

    Editor's Desk

    New ways to learn

    Reading case law is such a big part of legal education but many lawyers advise on issues that have never been litigated. Our cover story on food law is such an example.
  • Elias Munshya

    Why I don’t support the statement of principles

    I cannot support the statement of principles for at least two reasons: It violates the right to free speech and the right to religious liberty.


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