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March, 2017
  • The era of no excuses

    Just two days after Christmas this past December, an American company called E-Sports Entertainment Association went through most of the stages that are now common episodes following a cybersecurity attack — with one notable exception.
  • Balancing act

    Regulatory matters loom large for most in-house departments these days, but for the insurance and financial services sector in Quebec a general strike by government lawyers in that province has delayed some much-anticipated revised legislation.


  • Passing the fintech test

    Passing the fintech test

    Every lawyer must manage client expectations, but nowhere more than in the fast-moving world of financial technology. One company, a fintech business, met with Kashif Zaman with a list of things it wanted to accomplish.
  • Transforming Canada’s largest in-house team

    Transforming Canada’s largest in-house team

    Managers of in-house legal teams often have a tough time making changes — introducing new processes, new technologies, encouraging employees to think differently. It’s even harder for managers of large departments.
  • In defence of the regulatory process

    In defence of the regulatory process

    In February 2015, Bell Media wrote to the CRTC requesting private meetings with some or all of the commissioners to discuss their decision to eliminate simultaneous substitution on Super Bowl commercials.
  • Women on boards and the ‘comply or explain’ rule

    Women on boards and the ‘comply or explain’ rule

    In today’s modern business world, the topic of women’s representation on boards of directors and in senior management within reporting issuers is certainly newsworthy.


  • Build an IP case to protect your database

    Our predecessors have always been collectors. Hunter-gatherers survived in harsh climates by collecting stone axes, arrowheads, animal furs and the like.
  • Buyer beware

    Those seeking to acquire the intellectual property rights of a bankrupt company are often faced with a unique set of legal challenges, as exemplified by Thomson Reuters’ recent acquisition of certain intellectual property rights owned by Federated Press.
  • Unlawful act manslaughter

    In a decision issued in October 2016 (Fournier c. R), the Superior Court of Québec established that, in certain circumstances, an accusation of manslaughter by means of an unlawful act under s. 222(5)a) of the Criminal Code can be based on a breach of provincial health and safety legislation.
  • Jennifer Brown

    The next frontier: cybersecurity

    As you will read in both our cover story “The era of no excuses” and the interview I did with VIA Rail’s Denis Lavoie in the Quebec report, the challenge of managing the various risks around cybersecurity is landing with a thud on the desks of in-house counsel.


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