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Law firm pro bono survey

|Written By Gail J. Cohen
Law firm pro bono survey
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Across the country lawyers find the time to participate in interesting and important pro bono projects that give back to their communities and aid in providing access to justice for those who might not otherwise be able to afford legal counsel.

This year, we asked law firms across the country — large, regional, boutique, small, and local firms — to participate in Canadian Lawyer’s first-ever national pro bono survey.

A good handful sent us their pro bono success stories and answered questions about their pro bono policies, hours logged, and about the partner organizations they work with. We were impressed by the stories we heard about from the firms who were willing to take the plunge and provide their information for the survey.

It’s clear whether a solo practitioner, mid-size, regional, or large national firm, pro bono is considered an important aspect of providing advocacy to the broader community.