Tuesday, 08 August 2017 09:00

The new disrupted normal

The new disrupted normalAutomation is poised to shake up the legal industry. How can students prepare for a shifting career landscape?
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Monday, 17 July 2017 09:00

Statements of what? Reviewing SOWs

Statements of what?  Reviewing SOWsAs a technology lawyer, I am often asked by clients to review the statements of work that accompany the technology contract that I have drafted. Unlike some of my colleagues, I consider SOW review to be a critical part of the legal process.
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If you want to look to where real change is going to happen in terms of the structure and performance of legal departments and law firms in the next five years, consider the work being done at the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium.
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Monday, 10 July 2017 09:01

Data's payoff in the patent department

Data's payoff in the patent departmentIn the 2011 biographical movie about Oakland Athletics’ general manager Billy Beane’s efforts to assemble a winning team from a small budget, Brad Pitt starred as the guy who employed the assistance of a number-crunching economist to use data and analytics to put together a competitive team despite having less money than most other major league teams — about one third that of the New York Yankees.
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Monday, 10 July 2017 09:00

Keeping data confidential

Keeping data confidentialAs fears mount that external law firms could be targets for hackers, in-house counsel are wondering just how secure the connection is to their outside advisers. In the last year or so, the FBI and other authorities have identified law firms as the weak links in the confidential information chain.
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Monday, 24 April 2017 09:00

Implementing a technology plan

Implementing  a technology planBuying technology without a plan is a recipe for failure.
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Monday, 03 April 2017 09:00

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligenceAI will change the legal profession, just not how you are expecting.
Monday, 27 March 2017 09:00

Project management for M&A

Project  management  for M&AThere is no simple solution, but imposing structure on deals can have a big payoff.
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Monday, 27 February 2017 09:00

Passing the fintech test

Passing the fintech testEvery lawyer must manage client expectations, but nowhere more than in the fast-moving world of financial technology. One company, a fintech business, met with Kashif Zaman with a list of things it wanted to accomplish.
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Transforming Canada’s largest in-house teamManagers of in-house legal teams often have a tough time making changes — introducing new processes, new technologies, encouraging employees to think differently. It’s even harder for managers of large departments. Updating attitudes and ways of working can seem impossible. That’s why William Pentney may have one of the most difficult jobs in the sector. He’s the federal government’s deputy minister of Justice and the deputy attorney general of Canada. His mission: Change how employees work throughout the Justice Department, a federal agency employing some 5,000 people, including about 2,500 lawyers.
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