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Life after corporate law

Life after corporate lawAt the end of summer 2013, I decided to leave my career as a New York City corporate lawyer behind.
While there were many reasons for why I chose to leave practice, the most important one was my dream of becoming a writer. Three years later, I may finally be on my way.
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Canada still scores as franchise destinationIt’s a rare Canadian main street without at least one U.S. store, restaurant or coffee chain, a testament to the lure of franchise operations in a country that Americans often view as “international light.”
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Strong, confident, competitive - Part 1For the first time this year, Canadian Lawyer conducted a survey of Canada’s top 10 corporate law boutiques. The top vote-getters in this category were equally confident of their ability to match Big Law’s strength in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, and securities work.
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Offering an introduction to corporate law earlier is an innovative move, Christopher Nicholls says.
Offering an introduction to corporate law earlier is an innovative move, Christopher Nicholls says.
As of winter term, Western law became the first Canadian law school offering a corporate law course to first-year students.
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The Top 25 Most Influential

The Top 25 Most InfluentialCanadian Lawyer’s Top 25 Most Influential in the justice system and legal profession in Canada is now in its sixth year. Every year, the Top 25 is the magazine’s most-read, and most commented-on, feature. And once again, the number of nominations as well as votes in our public poll show how engaged our readers are in supporting and highlighting their colleagues who are doing extraordinary things both within the profession as well as beyond it.
Carol Hansell says there should be a process to have business laws in Ontario updated regularly.
Carol Hansell says there should be a process to have business laws in Ontario updated regularly.
In an effort to make Ontario a more competitive business jurisdiction, a panel of legal experts has made recommendations to review outdated business legislation in the province.
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Power play

Power playOnce a month, Rachelle Verret Morphy, the general counsel of SaskPower, makes the two-and-a-half hour drive from the electrical utility’s headquarters in Regina southward to Estevan. There she meets with the Crown corporation’s engineering team as it commissions the world’s first commercial-scale, operational power plant that captures CO2 emissions.
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An economic transformation

Photo: Huan Tran
Photo: Huan Tran
It’s not often business lawyers find themselves practising social justice. Redressing society’s wrongs may be familiar territory for human rights or sexual abuse claim lawyers, even criminal practitioners, but corporate and commercial lawyers? Yet Max Faille says that’s precisely what’s happening today at the crossroads of business and aboriginal law.
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The Penang lawyer

Photo: Sandra Strangemore
Photo: Sandra Strangemore
Beside the name plate outside Hartley R. Nathan’s 21st-floor downtown Toronto office is a small white ceramic plaque with the number 221B.
There is so much that is annoying, and simply not enough time to complain about it all. That does not mean I don’t make a good faith effort to complain about as many of those annoyances as time, and the patience of others, permit. I think of it as a service, where the complaints become “insights.” E-mail etiquette is a metaphorical gold mine for annoyances. For example, it is difficult to understand why a group of 40-odd recipients on an e-mail trail needs to know one individual “will respond soon.” Context also affects annoyances. For example, words mispronounced once are bothersome, but repetition of the mispronunciation ranges from annoying to hilarious.
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