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• Miller Thomson LLP welcomes Rhea Solis, Katherine MacRae, and Alice Wong to the firm.

• Borden Ladner Gervais LLP welcomes Alan Ross to the firm as partner.

• Gowlings welcomes Maxine Mongeon, Ben Nuttall, and Frank Sur to the firm as partners.

• Stikeman Elliott announces Julie D’Avignon as a partner in the firm. D’Avignon is part of the tax department.


• McCarthy Tétrault announces Conrad Rego as a partner to the firm.

• Miller Titerle + Company LLP welcomes Sarah Bird to the firm.

• Clark Wilson LLP announces that Raman Johal has become a partner of the firm and Brendan Morley has joined the firm as associate.

• Gowlings welcomes Scott Foster and Jonathan Van Netten to the firm as partners. Foster is part of the intellectual property group and Van Netten is part of the civil litigation group.


• Roy Johnston TDS, the Brandon office of Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP welcomes Stephen P. Beernaert to the firm.

• Hope Buset from Christianson TDS has been appointed vice president of the Portage & District Arts Council Board.


• Bâtonnière Hélène L. ‎Beaulieu has been elected president of the New Brunswick Law Society.

• Josh McElman has been selected as a member of the Insolvency Institute of Canada.


• No current news.


• No current news.


• Cindy Cormier has been appointed a judge of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia (family division).

• Cox & Palmer welcomes Carol Patterson to the firm as counsel.


• Colleen Stockley has been appointed deputy minister of health and Elizabeth A. L. Sanderson has been appointed deputy minister of justice in Nunavut. Stockley was previously the assistant deputy minister (acting) of the professional services branch of the Department of Health and Community Services in Newfoundland and Labrador. Sanderson was previously the assistant deputy attorney general, aboriginal affairs portfolio with Canada's Department of Justice.


• The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) announces the appointment of Peter Burn as senior fellow with the international law research program.

• McCarthy Tétrault announces Lisa Melanson, David Tait, Matthew Appleby, Kate McNeill-Keller, Tristan Musgrave, Adam Ship, and Steven Tanner as partners to the firm.

• Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh appoints Paul Wilson as the new managing director. Wilson, previously of Shakespeares in the U.K., will be based out of the Toronto office.

• Miller Thomson LLP welcomes Meredith Rady, Audrey Wong, Michael Best, and Nelly Mosstaghimi-Tehrani to the firm.

• Dale & Lessmann LLP announces that Jeffrey Hoffman has been made a partner to the firm.

• Borden Ladner Gervais LLP announces Éloïse Gratton and Kyle Plunkett as partners of the firm.

• Gowlings announces Paul Carenza, Avril Cole, Brent Arnold, Rob Blackstein, Frank Lamie, Stephanie Pearce, and Pam Vermeersch as partners of the firm.


• No current news.


• McCarthy Tétrault announces Dominic Thérien, Sean Griffin, and Marc-Alexandre Hudon to the firm as partners.

• BCF Business Law announces the appointment of Brigitte Nepveu, Julie Lavigne, and Ilya Kalnish as partners with the firm.

• Miller Thomson LLP welcomes Sarah Leclerc, Jean Bernard Ricard, and Louis-Philippe Raynault-Ollu to the firm.

• Langlois Kronström Desjardins announces that Dominic Fiset and Éric Savard have been named partners to the firm.


• Miller Thomson LLP welcomes André Poulin-Denis to the firm as associate, previously from Plaxton & Co. Poulin-Denis joins the litigation practice group.

• Robertson Stromberg LLP welcomes Scott R. Spencer as partner to the firm. Spencer will be working in dealing with criminal law, labour law, and education law.


• Chinese law firm 大成 (Dacheng) and Dentons have united to form 大成 Dentons.

• Baker & McKenzie appoints Lucy Alberto, Paul Amberg, Guy Birkenmeier, Hillary Brennan, Jordan Faykus, Holly Files, Tom Firestone, Duffy Lorenz, Valerie Marsh, Trevor McFadden, Lewis Popoff, Joshua Richardson, Mark Roche, Susan Ryba, Daniel Tallitsch, Ryan Vann, and Jennifer Wioncek as partners to the firm. Rekha Auld and Randy Schwartz have also been appointed as counsel.

• Barry Leon has been appointed the commercial judge of the High Court of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC) in the British Virgin Islands.

• Gowlings welcomes David Brennan as a partner to the firm. Brennan is part of the capital markets group in the London, U.K. office.

Last updated: January 27, 2015


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