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Industry Spotlight - M&A activity is top story for Canada’s broadcast sectorThere’s no rest for counsel working at media broadcast companies across the country. The current acquisition- and consolidation-happy environment keeps in-house counsel on their toes and they say there’s no sign of things slowing down in the near future.

To have five corporate counsel together in a room agree on what their biggest challenge is seems rare, but with changing industry and legal developments and increased instant communications, finding time to do the job well is becoming increasingly difficult. But our panelists are coping and providing good, common-sense advice in various industries despite lacking precious time.
Monday, 01 October 2007 08:50

Feature: Labour and employment landmines

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There are certain labour and employment issues that can catch corporate counsel off guard. How do you accommodate an employee going through sex reassignment surgery? What about an employee with a substance abuse problem who is in denial? What do you do when former and current employees launch a class-action suit against your company?
It has been suggested that the essential prerequisites for running a one-person law department are a good executive assistant and a good therapist. What else do you need? Extensive networking and constant professional development top the list of tips on what it takes to fly solo in-house.
The traditional internal-external counsel model based on the billable hour just isn’t cutting it anymore. A model employed by Bruce Power and Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP is attracting attention around the country. It’s a notion of doing business that isn’t new, but it’s novel — and it’s netting great results for both sides.
Wednesday, 01 August 2007 08:12

Feature: Keeping staff happy

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In a tight legal market, where talent is hard to find, turnover costs can soar when a lawyer leaves your complement. What are the strategies for retaining people in an environment where advancement in the legal food chain is limited? What steps are general counsel taking to retain staff and advance their careers?
Wednesday, 01 August 2007 08:06

Profile: What they don’t teach in law school

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Profile: What they don’t teach in law schoolOverseeing a large in-house legal team of 40 that continues to expand is a big job. But First Canadian Title president and COO Patrick Chetcuti says he works a “normal” business day and says employee satisfaction is a paramount goal.


With companies creating electronic documents at an alarming rate, corporate counsel may be faced with the prospect of culling through millions of documents in search of a smoking gun. New technology tools like text mining can help cull through this data to find relevant documents faster, including e-mail and text messages.
Wednesday, 01 August 2007 07:51

Industry Spotlight: Digging deep for uranium

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The search for cleaner energy has thrust uranium mining into the limelight in the last two years. In-house counsel working in this high-growth area say the business of uranium is fraught with regulation hurdles and increased scrutiny.
Friday, 01 June 2007 07:22

Cover story - 9 ways to work better

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Managing a law department is no easy task, so we’ve talked to experts and got the low-down on the nine simple steps in-house counsel can follow to build a better law department.
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