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Litigating in the Caribbean: Smooth sailing or heading into the eye of the storm?

In the dead of Canadian winters, it’s not just snowbirds who escape to the Caribbean. Incentives such as low or no taxes, less robust financial regulation, and a high degree of privacy have long attracted companies and individuals from Canada and around the world to use Caribbean offshore companies and trusts to manage their assets. As a result, it’s not uncommon for Canadian cases to take a tropical turn as clients get involved in litigation in international or offshore financial centres in the Caribbean or have to trace assets through the region. For many lawyers, these may be uncharted waters. So what do you need to know before you dive in? 

Take this quiz to find out.

Whether it is to welcome new
American tenants (i.e. Target,
J. Crew, and Crate & Barrel), to
convert buildings to become
LEED certified, or to entice more
shoppers to come into their centre,
many shopping centres and
office buildings in Canada have
recently completed, or are in the
midst of, expansion and modernization.
For example, in Toronto
alone, a major renovation of two
food courts at the Eaton Centre
has occurred, Yorkdale Shopping
Centre is undergoing a major
expansion to accommodate
more tenants, and First Canadian
Place has re-skinned its exterior
walls and windows and
renovated its common areas and
retail spaces. How do you think
different types of redevelopment


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