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An obligation to negotiate a lease in good faith?

Effective negotiation is an integral part of coming to terms on all types of agreements. Depending on the negotiating power of the parties, it typically involves some give and take from both sides to reach an agreement that is mutually acceptable and enforceable. However, in conducting negotiations, what are the obligations of each party? There are some key differences and some recent case law that is important to be aware of. This quiz will test your knowledge.

Whether it is to welcome new
American tenants (i.e. Target,
J. Crew, and Crate & Barrel), to
convert buildings to become
LEED certified, or to entice more
shoppers to come into their centre,
many shopping centres and
office buildings in Canada have
recently completed, or are in the
midst of, expansion and modernization.
For example, in Toronto
alone, a major renovation of two
food courts at the Eaton Centre
has occurred, Yorkdale Shopping
Centre is undergoing a major
expansion to accommodate
more tenants, and First Canadian
Place has re-skinned its exterior
walls and windows and
renovated its common areas and
retail spaces. How do you think
different types of redevelopment


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