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In-house Coach
on June 19, 2017
Nice guys and gals always finish . . . first!
As I sat in my chair at the Canadian General Counsel Awards and looked around the sold out room, beyond the wonderful tuxes and dresses, the smiles and the great food, two important things ran through my mind. First, how incredible it is to see a room so full of capable, knowledgeable and accomplished external counsel, in-house counsel and other leaders of industry who are no longer actively practising law. This, I will admit, is always a great reason for attending wonderful events like the CGCA
on June 19, 2017
Catch me if you can: The art of pursuing fraudulent debtors
For the past 20 years, I have been engaged in a cat-and-mouse game with debtors. Together with our lawyers, I have acted for hundreds of creditors, including individuals, small and large corporations and financial institutions. Our client range is diverse because fraud is a pervasive problem.
Competing Interests
on May 29, 2017
A legal tiptoe through the hot world of influencer advertising
Anyone who has spent more than a few minutes on social media recently will know that influencers are the hot — actually the hottest — thing in marketing.

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May 2017, Volume 12 • Issue 3
    • Subtitle Cover Story
    Written by Jennifer Brown
    Issue Date: April 2017
    The numbers on e-discovery projects can be staggering both from a dollar and document perspective. E-discovery can represent 50 per…
  • Written by Shannon Kari
    Issue Date: April 2017
    While it may seem at times that in the world at large there is increasing resistance to facts and expertise,…
    • Subtitle Readers' Choice Awards
    Written by Tim Wilbur
    Issue Date: April 2017
    More than 1,600 readers cast votes for their preferred suppliers and vendors in more than 40 categories. Highlighted are the…
    • Subtitle Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation will have further-reaching implications than many Canadian lawyers think, warn experts.
    Written by Danny Bradbury
    Issue Date: April 2017
    For years, Canada and the European Union have enjoyed a safe and comfortable relationship when it comes to data privacy.…
    • Subtitle Workplace Solutions
    Written by Sara Forte
    Issue Date: April 2017
    British Columbia amended its Human Rights Code in July 2016 to add “gender identity and expression” as a protected ground.…
    • Subtitle Intellectual Property
    Issue Date: April 2017
    On Oct. 30, 2016, Canada signed the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement with the European Union. Just one day later,…
    • Subtitle Litigation and Arbitration
    Issue Date: April 2017
    Two recent decisions suggest that Canadian courts are ever more inclined to assume jurisdiction over civil claims brought by foreign…
    • Subtitle Industry Spotlight
    Written by Jennifer Brown
    Issue Date: April 2017
    Howard Morry has been associated with First Nations work since the 1980s in the early days of his career. Often,…
    • Subtitle Professional Profile: Brenda Stokes Verworn’s career involved a series of firsts including being the first woman lawyer in Welland, Ont.
    Written by Jennifer Brown
    Issue Date: April 2017
    Brenda Stokes Verworn left private practice to go in-house many years before doing so became a popular path for lawyers…
    • Subtitle Editor's Box
    Written by Jennifer Brown
    Issue Date: April 2017
    Does your in-house legal department have a formal written business plan? If you do, you’re among the approximately 25 per…

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