Alan Acton

Alan Acton is a financial adviser in Ottawa and can be reached at

Column: Financial Adviser

Lee Akazaki

Lee Akazaki is a bilingual civil litigator and a partner at Gilbertson Davis Emerson LLP, with a focus on commercial litigation, insurance and professional liability.  A past-president of the Ontario Bar Association, he advocates for a fearless and independent bar and the advancement of women and equity-seeking groups. His blog,, is devoted to mentoring new lawyers. He can be reached at and on Twitter @LeeAkazaki.

Column: The Accidental Mentor

Kirk Baert

Kirk M. Baert is is a partner at Koskie Minsky LLP in Toronto and a member of the firm’s executive committee. His practice focuses on plaintiff-side class actions. He can be reached at

Column: Class Acts

Debra Forman

Executive coach Debra Forman is a professional certified coach and principal at Pinstripe Coaching. She can be reached at

Column: Making Rain

Ben Hanuka

Ben Hanuka may be reached at  Ben has been practising commercial litigation with an emphasis on franchise disputes since 1998. He is the principal of Law Works P.C., a small Toronto boutique firm founded in 2012, whose files are in the cloud and feet firmly on the ground.

Column: The Future Files

Fred Krebs

Fred Krebs, is a senior adviser to the Association of Corporate Counsel, a strategic adviser to Clearspire, and an adjunct professor at Georgetown University Law School. He served as president of ACC from 1991-2011. He can be reached at and follow him on Twitter @FrederickJKrebs.

Column: In-house Coach

Danielle Lemon

Danielle Lemon is a technology, media and communications lawyer based in Vancouver. Danielle practised technology law for big firms in Canada and the U.K., and ran her own successful startup law practice before joining PEER 1 as corporate counsel in June 2013 .  She geeks out over all things IT, tech and social media-related. She blogs at, and tweets at @danilemonlaw and @danwithatwist.  The views in this column are her own, and not those of her employer.

Column: IT Girl

Rebecca Lockwood

Rebecca Lockwood is in her third year at Osgoode Hall Law School, where she also volunteers as co-ordinator for Pro Bono Students Canada. She can be reached at   

Column: Ab Initio

Stephen Mabey

Stephen Mabey, CA is the managing director of Applied Strategies, Inc. He assists law firms by developing practical solutions for their business challenges. His articles on leadership, marketing, practice transitioning, and other topics have been published in legal publications throughout North America. For more information, visit or connect with Stephen on LinkedIn.

Column: Definitely Mabey

Jennifer Nees

Jennifer Nees is a Toronto-based business immigration lawyer working with Egan LLP. She is also past-chairwoman of the Canadian chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, and has served on the Executive of the Ontario Bar Association's Immigration and IT sections. She can be reached at

Column: The Immigration Line

Sonya Nigam

Sonya Nigam is Director, Office of Human Rights at the University of Ottawa. She can be reached at

Column: Human Rights . . . Here & There

David A. Paul

David A. Paul, QC, is senior lawyer and mediator who practises at the boutique law firm Paul & Co. in downtown Kamloops, B.C. His firm’s web site is and he can be reached at (250)828-9998.

Column: David Paul's Field Notes

Damian J. Penny

Damian J. Penny, a native of Mt. Pearl, Nfld., is a family law practitioner with Bedford Law in Bedford, N.S. His blog can be found at He  can be reached at and on Twitter @damianpenny.

Column: Law Library

Renato Pontello

Renato Pontello is legal counsel to Solantro Semiconductor Corp,.  He was formerly vice-president legal, general counsel and corporate secretary to Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. He can be reached at


Column: Practising In-house

Lindsay Scott

Lindsay Scott is a second-year associate at litigation boutique Paliare Roland Rosenberg Rothstein LLP in Toronto. Lindsay’s column will focus on the early years of legal practice, and all that comes with it. She welcomes your feedback and can be reached at

Column: Trial by Fire

Margaret L. Waddell

is a senior partner at Paliare Roland Rosenberg Rothstein LLP in Toronto.  She has a varied advocacy practice including a broad range of complex commercial and shareholder litigation, professional liability cases, class actions and appellate advocacy.  She can be reached at

Column: Trials & Tribulations

Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson is a franchise, licensing, and intellectual property lawyer at Boughton in Vancouver and an adjunct professor at Simon Fraser University. He is a regular business law columnist with The Globe and Mail and other publications. He is also the author of Manage Your Online Reputation, a book written to guide individuals and businesses on how to monitor and protect their personal and corporate reputations on social media. The views expressed are strictly those of Tony Wilson and do not reflect the opinions of the Law Society of British Columbia, CBABC, or their respective members.

Column: Letter from Law Law Land

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