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Monday, 17 May 2010 05:28

Carnal Crimes a real ‘page-turner’

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Carnal Crimes a real ‘page-turner’On April 12, The Province newspaper in Vancouver ran a story: “Woman assaulted in early-morning attack.” A woman in her 20s was “grabbed from behind by a man and sexually assaulted” in a “quiet Vancouver neighbourhood.”


5 things you should know . . . about recruitment agenciesPart of growing up is realizing that you are not good at everything — heartbreaking as it is. When this self-awareness mingles with time constraints and a pinch of disdain for the do-it-yourself thing, we slowly begin to outsource our lives. 


The expression “environmental refugees” or even “eco-refugees” is often used to describe people who are involuntarily displaced because of an environmental disaster. 


Monday, 10 May 2010 06:32

Put your money where your mouth is

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Put your money where your mouth isIn his online article for Canadian Lawyer in January of this year, Joel Stern, deputy general counsel and director of legal services North America for Accenture’s legal group, issued a challenge to Canadian lawyers. 


Monday, 03 May 2010 07:12

Video: Get more feedback!

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Video: Get more feedback!Editor Gail Cohen discusses why law firms are not using client satisfaction surveys as often as they should and other highlights from the May issue of Canadian Lawyer. click here to view video
Monday, 03 May 2010 06:26

Parliamentary privilege after Milliken

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Parliamentary privilege after MillikenHouse of Commons Speaker Peter Milliken handed down a clear, measured, and compactly reasoned ruling last Tuesday, a ruling which, on occasion, artfully employed both pointed understatement and carefully crafted elisions.


Monday, 26 April 2010 07:35

Video: Making Rain - Episode 2 - Touches

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Video: Making Rain - Episode 2 - TouchesIn this month's business development and online video practice management coaching column for Canadian lawyers, executive coach Debra Forman focuses on a very important aspect of building relationships and getting business: touches.
click here to view video
Monday, 26 April 2010 07:08

I want my Mac back

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I want my Mac backI am flying back from Texas as I write this, defeated. Scorned. Humiliated.


Monday, 26 April 2010 06:49

My curious adventures in Dnieperland

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My curious adventures in DnieperlandTaped inside my shiny new briefcase on my first day of articles was a mysterious fragment of paper. On it was a list of five names. This list was given to me by my articling principal (hereinafter Mr. X) and it comprised the names of the five most-feared judges in Toronto who would not permit students to speak to them in court.


Monday, 19 April 2010 05:49

Fixed fee does not mean fixed income

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Fixed fee does not mean fixed incomeLet’s roll further ahead in 2010 or to 2011 (whatever year your crystal ball says law firms will be pulling out of the economic downturn they are in) and I ask this simple question “What will they have learned?”


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