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Monday, 19 December 2016 09:00

Don’t blame crown attorneys for court delays

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Don’t blame crown attorneys for court delaysThe central thrust of Michael Spratt’s latest article is that the solution to Ontario’s overburdened criminal justice system is for the political wing of government to “reign in” what the author says are complacent, possessive and overzealous prosecutors.
Compellable, comshmellable . . . what’s in self-incriminationImmigration law is one of the few areas of law, maybe the only one, in which people whom the state seeks to penalize or sanction, even imprison, are forced to testify against themselves. This seems inconsistent with every value we have concerning the protection of an accused and a healthy mistrust of the state. But there it is; in proceedings before the Immigration Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, the person concerned is compellable to testify. 
Monday, 19 December 2016 09:00

Use your illusion – a Halloween extravaganza

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Use your illusion – a Halloween extravaganzaThere was quite the surprise waiting for me when I got into the elevator this morning: the Lucky Charms leprechaun!
It’s time to end sex-based discrimination in the Indian ActIn early December, two Parliamentary standing committees heard submissions on Bill S-3, An Act to amend the Indian Act (elimination of sex-based inequities in registration), which represents yet another chapter in the struggle for equal treatment by indigenous women denied Indian status under the Indian Act
Not their finest hour: the U.K. surveillance lawSomething extraordinary recently happened in the U.K., and I am not talking about Brexit. On Nov. 29, following passage by Parliament, Her Majesty the Queen signed into law the Investigatory Powers Bill.
Known to critics as the “Snoopers Charter,” the act is possibly one of the most far-reaching surveillance laws ever passed by a democratic nation. While some sections of the act received Royal Assent on Nov. 29, the act will come into force in stages, initially as early as the end of this year. 
Real change in court system must start with Crown attorneysThere is a problem with delays in our justice system. This is true. It is also true that the criminal justice system is an insatiable beast — a black hole that will endlessly devour money and resources.
Monday, 05 December 2016 12:59

Justice Camp recommendations send the right message

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Justice Camp recommendations send the right messageThe recent Report and Recommendation of the Inquiry Committee examining Justice Robin Camp’s conduct sends a strong message. 
Monday, 05 December 2016 11:51

Video: Legal office spaces are evolving

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Video: Legal office spaces are evolvingChanges to workspaces reflect the modern working needs of lawyers.
Holiday cards: Standing out from the clutterDo the holiday cards you receive every year just become clutter? Chances are the cards you send face a similar fate. The following are ways to maximize the value of your holiday cards. First of all, if you are not sending out cards, you should. Cards build and maintain business relationships.     
Step aside “find, mind and grind” — make way for successThe traditional lawyers’ solo-act mindset of finding, minding and grinding must make way. 
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