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Monday, 07 November 2016 09:00

To be ranked or not to be ranked?

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To be ranked or not to be ranked?Lawyers love directories and marketers hate them. What should you do? Well, as always with great strategy, it depends!
Avoiding the storm clouds with good cloud-computing policies“We didn’t know that we had purchased these cloud services . . . we signed the wrong agreement.”
Trudeau’s government should act on promises of justice reformLast month at the 44th annual Criminal Lawyers’ Association conference, Canada’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould delivered the prestigious Spokina lecture. She said a lot of words. She told the audience the Liberal government was intent on moving forward with restorative justice initiatives, reducing the over-incarceration of indigenous people and ensuring Canada’s criminal laws are in compliance with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 
Simplifying the standard of review is a good Idea — I vote for appeals!I love practising administrative law because it’s always exercise for my brain. Undoubtedly, considering concepts such as standard of review leaves my cerebral cortex fatigued. I’ve always found it ironic that the area of law that should be most robust and practical given its proximity to the “average Joe” is actually one of the most academic and entirely unpractical (not to mention unpredictable) to apply.
SCC appointment Malcolm Rowe best Canadian for the jobJustice Malcolm Rowe, recently appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, may well be the most Canadian judge ever. 
Monday, 31 October 2016 09:00

Life after corporate law

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Life after corporate lawAt the end of summer 2013, I decided to leave my career as a New York City corporate lawyer behind.
While there were many reasons for why I chose to leave practice, the most important one was my dream of becoming a writer. Three years later, I may finally be on my way.
Pros and cons of foreign-trained studentsIs a foreign-trained student something you should consider? Foreign-trained students are a valuable talent pool unappreciated by many firms. Sole and small firms can take advantage of this and find highly qualified candidates. 
Marriage sponsorship refusals ignore cultural nuances In 2010, Stephen Harper’s government amended the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations to create two separate and distinct grounds for refusing a marriage sponsorship.
Monday, 24 October 2016 09:00

San Pellegrino Blues — Part 2

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San Pellegrino Blues — Part 2
-    Hi Melissa . . . Look, I’m not sure how to break this to you but, um, something’s come up and I have to stay at the office and work all night.

When it comes to demonstrating 'value,' what’s old is new againWhen talking about business development, people talk a lot about “creating value” but much less often about what that actually means. It is difficult to articulate in absolutes what “value” means because it will be different depending on the circumstances. It will depend on what needs are held by the person for whom you want to create “value,” what skillset you have, the nature of your relationship, the maturity of your relationship, any interests you share and more.
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