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Step aside “find, mind and grind” — make way for successThe traditional lawyers’ solo-act mindset of finding, minding and grinding must make way. 
Holiday cards: Standing out from the clutterDo the holiday cards you receive every year just become clutter? Chances are the cards you send face a similar fate. The following are ways to maximize the value of your holiday cards. First of all, if you are not sending out cards, you should. Cards build and maintain business relationships.     
Federal government makes hopeful announcements on immigrationImmigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has made multiple announcements over the last several weeks. 
CETA, Trump and Brexit: An Opportunity for Ireland and CanadaStanding alongside his European counterparts in Brussels on Oct. 30, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau snatched victory from defeat by having the Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement approved at the 11th hour. 
What the world can learn from “Music of Strangers”President-elect . . . Donald Trump?! I feel like my pen stopped in mid-sentence and looked around at me in protest. I tightened my grip, forced it to move forward and just write on.
Video: Practice Made Pefect: Rankings and awards – Get involved!In this episode of Practice Made Perfect, Jane Southren talks about rankings and awards and how even though there are some legitimate criticisms of them, they are still worthwhile for lawyers and law firms to pursue.
Monday, 21 November 2016 09:00

Lawyers ignore cybersecurity at their peril

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Lawyers ignore cybersecurity at their perilComputer technology has the potential to create a significant competitive advantage for law firms. But if law firms take the easy route, using simple solutions to a complex problem, they will suffer the consequences.
Video: The Black Business Law Clinic is up and runningPro Bono Ontario has recently collaborated with two Toronto lawyers in starting the Black Business Law Clinic. The clinic is founded by Michelle Henry of Borden Ladner Gervais LLP and Stephen Benjamin of Benjamin Law. The aim is to provide free legal help to young black entrepreneurs in the GTA, focusing on a range of corporate, employment, contract and licencing law.
Thursday, 10 November 2016 15:10

I was ‘Trumped’

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I was ‘Trumped’I wrote an opinion piece a couple of weeks ago called "Thankfully, Biff Tannen will not be president." It more or less said there was no way a thrice-married serial adulterer, misogynist, bankrupt casino owner, self-promoting sexual predator, liar, tax dodger, alleged fraudster, draft evader and a man who regularly stiffed his tradesmen could ever win the presidency. But that's where we are today. That's democracy, folks. 
SCC to rule on preservation of residential schools survivors’ filesThe Supreme Court of Canada has just granted leave to hear an extraordinarily difficult case. It could throw gasoline and a match on one of the largest archives ever created that thoroughly documents a systemic human rights abuse. 
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