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CRA’s favourable approach to contingency fee arrangementsLast month, I wrote about the federal budget tabled on March 22 and the elimination of billed-basis accounting. This will force lawyers to recognize work in progress as income in the year it is done. The repercussions could be devastating for small law firms with a large number of contingency files and insufficient cash flow to pay the associated taxes.
Experiment with social media to uncover what works best for youWithout a doubt, what works best for you on social media will change depending on the audiences you are trying to engage, the time you put into it and your unique personality, skills and objectives.
Beware CASL’s new private right of action requirements!The world’s most onerous anti-spam legislation is about to get even nastier. On July 1, ¬the private right of action provisions of Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation will come into force. Under the PRA sections, persons (i.e., individuals, partnerships, corporations, associations, etc.) will be able to bring actions against individuals and organizations that contravene certain provisions of CASL, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, Canada’s federal private sector privacy act and the Competition Act.  
Broken pot promise would send Liberals’ credibility up in smokeThe rollout of the Liberals’ Cannabis Act was a grim affair. It seems that never more grudgingly has a government followed through on an election promise.
Do you really know why your law firm has partners?Let’s engage in a thought experiment. Suppose, just for a moment, that law firms were allowed to grant equity to individuals or entities other than lawyers.
Two solitudes: the treatment of non-citizens and criminally accused in CanadaThe gap between how we treat non-citizens and criminally accused in Canada may be perpetual. The immigration bar has, for years, struggled to close the distance between the rules applied to two groups of people in Canada. The solid regime of constitutional protections that permeates criminal law and ensures the protection of a person charged with a crime from arbitrary state action has never quite been grounded in immigration law. The use of secret evidence in hearings, the assumption that the written notes of police or government officials are accurate and the confounding view that if a prospective surety knows the detainee too well they may not be trustworthy enough are examples of concepts unknown in criminal law. Yet, time and time again, we are faced in immigration hearings with these and other “principles” that cloud and diminish any attempt to realize a sense of justice and fair play in immigration law.
Monday, 10 April 2017 09:00

Federal budget could cripple small firms

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Federal budget could cripple small firmsLast year, the federal government’s budget took aim at small businesses by clamping down on ways to maximize the small business deduction. This affected incorporated lawyers operating in a partnership. This year, the budget, tabled on March 22, takes aim at long-standing tax deferral opportunities afforded to certain professionals, including lawyers, accountants, dentists, medical doctors, veterinarians and chiropractors.    
Monday, 10 April 2017 09:00

Keeping business development simple

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Keeping business development simpleThere is so much complex coaching on marketing and business development that we want to run and hide. But don’t despair — you can keep it simple and make it count with these simple steps.
Monday, 10 April 2017 09:00

Piercing the judicial veil

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Piercing the judicial veilWhen I started practising, it seemed that judges were revered, hardly questioned, seldom heard in public and occupied rarified positions in our society. Not many people would suggest that a judge lived on their street or rode the bus. No one would question their judgments, ethics or stability and certainly not in the media.
Video: Artificial intelligence in the legal professionArtificial intelligence is a technology that’s new to the legal world and a subject of controversy among some lawyers..
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