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Monday, 11 January 2016 09:00

Lawyer appreciation 101

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Lawyer appreciation 101There are poorly represented clients who think they have received the best service, and there are those that receive excellent service but believe they were poorly served.
Advocate marketing. Are you feeling the earth move?Is advocate marketing just a new name for an old concept or a signal that your clients are fundamentally changing the way they are finding and hiring you?
Monday, 21 December 2015 09:00

Annus horribilis

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Annus horribilisIf you read the news (as I regularly do), there’s a part of me that would say 2015 was an annus horribilis.
Monday, 21 December 2015 09:00

A triumvirate of restrictiveness gone

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A triumvirate of restrictiveness goneIn its recent decision in Kanthasamy v. Canada (Citizenship and Immigration), the Supreme Court of Canada has altered the landscape of humanitarian decision-making in immigration law.
Monday, 21 December 2015 09:00

Video: Making Rain: Are you on the right track?

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Video: Making Rain: Are you on the right track?In this final episode of Making Rain, executive coach Debra Forman says this is the best time to take inventory of what you have accomplished this year to determine if you are on track and whether you want to stay on this track.
Monday, 21 December 2015 09:00

Remembering Eddie Greenspan

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Remembering Eddie GreenspanAs we approach another holiday I can’t comprehend how time has flown in the last year. However, I suspect that many of us will find a frozen moment in the next few days as we remember our loss at Christmas 2014.
Ultrasonic, cross-device tracking is here, bewareWorried about the use of tracking cookies that follow you around the Web and serve you targeted ads? No need to fret anymore since those cookies are now so passé! There is now something new to keep you up at night: cross-device tracking.
Monday, 14 December 2015 09:00

How to improve your lateral hiring success rates

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How to improve your lateral hiring success ratesHiring partners away from another law firm has become a core tactic in the strategic plans of most law firms. Indeed, there are reports of lateral moves almost every day.
Monday, 14 December 2015 08:00

YWL responds to criticism of event

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YWL responds to criticism of eventYoung Women in Law  is a not for profit organization dedicated to advancing the interests of women lawyers in the early stages of their careers, and strives to meet the diverse needs of its roughly 275 members. In meeting those diverse needs, YWL endeavours to host a variety of events — both substantive and social. One of the many tools we use to advance our members’ professional interests is by hosting networking opportunities, opportunities that are not provided enough to junior female lawyers.
Monday, 07 December 2015 09:00

Turn keyword searches into keyword insights

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Turn keyword searches into keyword insightsDid you know you can use what your clients and prospects are keying into search engines to help you understand their current and relevant issues? Mining keyword searches to help you identify client opportunities turns keyword research into keyword insight.
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