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b_150_0_16777215_00___images_stories_01-CANADIANLawyer_Columnists_jennifer_r_nees_2012.jpgOn Dec. 1, Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Employment and Social Development Canada will become the administrators of a new Administrative Monetary Penalty system meant to hold Canadian employers in check for compliance with Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program.
Monday, 28 September 2015 09:00

Video: Making Rain - Stay alert to your referrals

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b_150_0_16777215_00___images_stories_01-CANADIANLawyer_2015_September_Making_Rain_67.jpgIn this month’s episode, executive coach Debra Forman of Pinstripe Coaching discusses the value and ongoing maintenance of referral relationships.
Monday, 28 September 2015 09:00

The responsibilites of citizens of the world

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b_150_0_16777215_00___images_stories_01-CANADIANLawyer_Columnists_William-G-Trudell.jpgIn a recent fascinating interview in the Financial Times, the secretary general of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, recounted his horrifying experience as a six-year-old Korean refugee who later came to idealize the UN as a “beacon” of hope in the world.
b_150_0_16777215_00___images_stories_01-CANADIANLawyer_Standard_photos_Jason_Madden.jpgOn Oct. 8, the Supreme Court of Canada will hear arguments from Canada, Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Métis Nation, First Nations, and other groups in Daniels v. Canada. The Daniels case ― initiated by well-known Métis leader Harry Daniels in 1999 ― will hopefully lead to Canada revisiting its arbitrary and exclusionary policies towards Métis and non-status Indians (i.e., members of First Nations who are not able to register as “status Indians” under the Indian Act).
Monday, 21 September 2015 09:00

Puppies, manners, and lawyering

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b_150_0_16777215_00___images_stories_01-CANADIANLawyer_Columnists_Twila-E-Reid.jpgSummer 2015 brought a new puppy to our family. Her name is Luna and she is a Portuguese Water Dog. As one of my law partners so cleverly stated, “When you have kids, getting a family pet is not a matter of if — it’s a matter of when.”
b_150_0_16777215_00___images_stories_01-CANADIANLawyer_Columnists_Lisa-Lifshitz.jpgLast month, I wrote about the Internet of Things and how, while it can offer tremendous benefits, all that connectivity can come with risks. In this column, I look at some of the concerns about security flaws in manufactured devices that have recently made headlines.
b_150_0_16777215_00___images_stories_01-CANADIANLawyer_Columnists_Gillian-Hnatiw-colour.jpgMandatory retirement policies are touchy subjects for most equity partnerships. On the one hand, they can result in partners who built a firm, or at least made it run for many decades, being forced out. On the other hand, they help ensure there is room in the partnership for upcoming legal talent who will sustain and grow the firm’s business for years to come.
Monday, 14 September 2015 10:09

Windows 10: OneDrive and app display

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b_150_0_16777215_00___images_stories_01-CANADIANLawyer_Columnists_BH-Shirt-and-Jacket.jpgLast month, I discussed the features of Windows 10’s new browser, Edge. This month, I overview two other frequently used features in Windows 10: OneDrive and the apps display.
b_150_0_16777215_00___images_stories_01-CANADIANLawyer_Columnists_Pascale-Daigneault.jpgMany years ago, lawyers pondered whether their firms needed a web site, something nowadays as ubiquitous as photocopiers. The question now is, to Facebook or not to Facebook?
Monday, 14 September 2015 08:00

Follow up and follow through

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b_150_0_16777215_00___images_stories_01-CANADIANLawyer_Columnists_Simone_Hughes-1.jpgWhile slowing down and smelling the roses will help you build relationships —, following up and following through will deliver results.
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