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Tuesday, 16 February 2010 04:58

The importance of competence

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The importance of competence“He is not an international lawyer.”


5 things you should know about making a lateral move . . .For many law firm associates, at least a few moments of the distracted thought which rounds off their billables is spent considering whether they are at the right firm. 


Monday, 08 February 2010 07:27

Video: Facebook GC talks discovery

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Video: Facebook GC talks discoveryFacebook deputy general counsel Mark Howitson is itching for a fight that will settle how its content is treated under the U.S. Stored Communications Act. Editor Gail Cohen reports on his speech from the annual Legal Tech conference in New York. 

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Do provincial tolling statutes/limitations acts apply to non-residents?Conflict of laws. The name itself conjures fascination in some, and dread in others.


Barrier-free access to courts & tribunals: Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities When contemplating disability accommodations in legal proceedings, a lawyer might think instinctively about the rights of accused persons in criminal trials, or perhaps the common TV image of a lawyer in a wheelchair addressing an attentive jury.


Monday, 01 February 2010 05:12

Video: Legal aid boycott effective

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Video: Legal aid boycott effectiveEditor Gail Cohen discusses the Ontario legal aid boycott and other highlights from the February issue of Canadian Lawyer magazine. click here to view video

In our times we are unfortunately in the thick of a fiercely contested struggle between the present constitutional order that has given Canada democratic government under the rule of law within a workable federalism, on the one hand, and an activist adventurism that would fragment Canada internally into hundreds of sovereign jurisdictions, on the other.


The dawn of a new era of civil litigation in OntarioThe start of this new decade coincides with the beginning of a new era in civil litigation in Ontario with the coming into force of the most significant amendments to the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure since 2005.


No absolute time bar for assessment of accountsSometimes it pays to not take what you read on the Internet at face value. While there are significant benefits in making legislation and court decisions freely available to the general public through government web sites such as e-Laws as well as CanLII, sometimes the provincial legislature does not keep up with judicial decisions that effectively repeal or modify provincial statutes.


Monday, 25 January 2010 04:14

The art of 'CYA' compliance

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The art of 'CYA' complianceDuring the past few years of practice, I have noticed that clients are seeming to take far less responsibility for the processing of their applications and the overall process, while at the same time the requirements and accompanying practice have become more strict.


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