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Facebook — why your firm should ‘like’ itMany years ago, lawyers pondered whether their firms needed a web site, something nowadays as ubiquitous as photocopiers. The question now is, to Facebook or not to Facebook?
Monday, 14 September 2015 08:00

Follow up and follow through

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Follow up and follow throughWhile slowing down and smelling the roses will help you build relationships —, following up and following through will deliver results.
A2J: Solving the unaffordable legal services problem by changing law society management structureLaw societies in Canada have ignored the unaffordable legal services problem, because of the obsolescence of their management structure. Its major defects are:
Building the right legal team for public interest litigationThis summer, Pivot Legal Society represented a group of homeless people from Abbotsford, B.C., at the British Columbia Supreme Court in a groundbreaking lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of city bylaws that have endangered their lives. Never before had a group of homeless Canadians been able to challenge the constitutionality of how they are treated and displaced by government authorities or police. It would’ve been impossible without the support of pro bono counsel.
Video: Making Rain: Hang out in your clients’ turfThis month, executive coach Debra Forman suggests that iInstead of launching your client relationship efforts from your home base, including the comforts of your office and computer, look for ways to hang out and build strong and lasting relationships with your target group and potential clients on their turf.
50 Shades of brown: Global warming hits VancouverThere are so many interesting news stories that made the summer of 2015 memorable. But I’ll stick with the “Brown is the New Green” theme, because apart from, Mike Duffy, Nigel Wright, and Pluto, water was the story of the summer in B.C.
The Charter of Rights versus the government of wrongsIn two landmark rulings, the Federal Court of Canada has determined that aspects of government policy aimed at discouraging refugee claimants from choosing Canada as a safe haven, and accelerating their departure from Canada, violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Relationship bonding: Sometimes, it’s the little things that countDo you thank clients for new business? Do you try to get a quick understanding of your clients’ new businesses “off the clock?” Do you thank people for referring business to you? Do you acknowledge key events in your client’s business and personal lives? Do you just pick up the phone, or send an e-mail to say, “How are you doing today?” Do you take the time to do the little things that make a long-lasting, relationship-bonding impact?
The Internet of Everything is here – and it’s scary!Wearable devices. Smart cars with usage-based insurance systems that report back driving information so some drivers can obtain lower insurance premiums. Home alarm monitoring systems that send alerts to your phone. These are all examples of the “Internet of Things” involving devices or sensors that connect, communicate, or transmit information with or between each other through the Internet.
Monday, 10 August 2015 10:03

Call out the bullies

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Call out the bulliesBad things, they say, happen in threes. Over one week, I received a patronizing e-mail from senior male counsel, critiquing the tone of my recent letter to him, without addressing its content. After giving some quick legal advice over the phone, a male client thanked me and called me “sweetheart.” I then got a voicemail from another senior male lawyer accusing me of unreasonable conduct and threatening that he would act accordingly.
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