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Thursday, 18 May 2017 08:11

Requests for proposals

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Illustration: Paul Howalt
Illustration: Paul Howalt
The RFP process has become more sophisticated and complex, but law firms still have to play ball to get on the preferred panel list.
Canadian Lawyer’s Top 10 Personal Injury BoutiquesHere are the Top 10 Personal Injury Boutiques, listed alphabetically.
Monday, 15 May 2017 09:34

Bad games

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Bad gamesSellers of circumvention devices beware!
Monday, 15 May 2017 09:00

A last word on happiness

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A last word on happinessI’m just back from a lovely Florida vacation. First the beach (surprisingly, there were 14 different groups of Newfoundlanders staying in the same condo building), then the Ritz-Carlton for a conference and then Legoland.
Queering refugee claims: IRB gets rid of problematic stereotypes and impossible paradoxesKudos to Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board for its new guideline designed to prevent queer refugee claims from being unfairly dismissed.  
Monday, 08 May 2017 09:00

You ARE a gifted business developer

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You ARE a gifted business developerYou do have that natural gift if you look at business development as mitigating clients’ risks, resolving conflicts and providing solutions. Didn’t you go into law to help people and organizations? The BMW and Rolex are nice, too — but isn’t the mission of a lawyer to prevent and resolve conflict for people? Isn’t it a lawyer’s responsibility to advocate effectively for those who cannot?
CRA’s favourable approach to contingency fee arrangementsLast month, I wrote about the federal budget tabled on March 22 and the elimination of billed-basis accounting. This will force lawyers to recognize work in progress as income in the year it is done. The repercussions could be devastating for small law firms with a large number of contingency files and insufficient cash flow to pay the associated taxes.
Experiment with social media to uncover what works best for youWithout a doubt, what works best for you on social media will change depending on the audiences you are trying to engage, the time you put into it and your unique personality, skills and objectives.
Beware CASL’s new private right of action requirements!The world’s most onerous anti-spam legislation is about to get even nastier. On July 1, ¬the private right of action provisions of Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation will come into force. Under the PRA sections, persons (i.e., individuals, partnerships, corporations, associations, etc.) will be able to bring actions against individuals and organizations that contravene certain provisions of CASL, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, Canada’s federal private sector privacy act and the Competition Act.  
Broken pot promise would send Liberals’ credibility up in smokeThe rollout of the Liberals’ Cannabis Act was a grim affair. It seems that never more grudgingly has a government followed through on an election promise.
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