Tuesday, 06 February 2007 10:11

The way it was: 30 years of the law

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From the sexist '70s to the go-go '90s, the legal profession has undergone nothing short of a revolution in the 30 years since Canadian Lawyer first hit the streets in 1977. Gone are the quaint, genteel days when lawyers practised law in small firms equipped with a secretary and a Dictaphone and civility was the order of the day. Today, mammoth legal giants dot the landscape, with hundreds of lawyers and support staff equipped with more desktop computing power than NASA had for many of its Apollo missions. Lack of civility is under fire and lawyers labour under the billable hour and client demands.

From the threats of separation in the 1970s to our recent cover story on the struggles of law firms outside Canada's urban centres, Canadian Lawyer has been there to document history.

Looking back over 30 years of Canadian Lawyer, it's interesting to see how many things have changed and how many things have stayed the same, both in the pages of this magazine and in the legal profession at large.

Friday, 02 February 2007 09:11

Report on Law Associations

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There is more than one way to skin a cat and law firms looking to branch out beyond their borders without making a hefty investment to build a global or national law firm are turning to the growing number of legal networks. They come in all shapes and sizes and provide regional and local law firms and their clients with a window into the world of business and legal advice.
Monday, 08 January 2007 08:16

Legal Report: Intellectual Property - Drug wars

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Legal Report: Intellectual Property - Drug wars With billions of dollars invested researching and marketing a successful drug, brand-name drug manufacturers are taking a hard-line approach to litigation. The question now facing the industry is whether recent changes to federal regulations involving patents and drugs will bring a truce to the sector or take the fight to a new level.
Manitoba has long been known for its well-diversified economy, so it should come as no surprise that partners atM some of the province’s biggest and highest-profile law firms say a plethora of industries are driving the legal community today and will continue to do so tomorrow.
Monday, 08 January 2007 07:53

Fighting the centralization tide

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Law firms in cities outside Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary are fighting to hang onto clients as companies centralize the way they make decisions and dish out legal work. At the same time, they need to develop a strategy for dealing with national law firms looking to cherry pick their best clients. 
Wednesday, 01 November 2006 06:02

Focus: Labour & Employment

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Focus: Labour & EmploymentAn Ontario class action suit could put an employer on the hook for extra pay to managers. It’s one of a growing number of cases questioning when a manager is really nothing more than an employee.
Real Estate: Assyst aids in automating real estate deals Emergis Inc. has wooed away Toronto and B.C. real estate practitioners to help them on a national roll out of technology that will connect lawyers and mortgage lenders. It has the potential to keep lawyers entrenched in real estate deals and better manage costs.
Monday, 16 October 2006 09:51

Focus: Estate and Financial Services

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Focus: Estate and Financial Services The ability for lawyers in some provinces to incorporate is opening new tax planning doors for those looking to sell their practice. But not enough lawyers are taking the time to properly plan their estates and take advantage of such changes.

Monday, 16 October 2006 08:57

Superstar Associates Show Their Creativity

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So you want to be a law firm superstar and live large? It can be difficult to set yourself apart from a pack of your peers who are just as hardworking and as smart as you are.
Sunday, 10 September 2006 21:00

Real Estate: Commercial real estate boom rolls on

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Real Estate: Commercial real estate boom rolls onCommercial real estate is entering an unprecedented 13th year of growth with no signs of letting up. It's a plus for both the real estate lawyers and title insurers who are changing the way that the commercial real estate market protects itself from risk. But lingering memories of the 1980s crash has law firms looking over their shoulders wondering if the boom will turn to bust.

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