Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson QC is a franchise, licensing, and intellectual property lawyer at Boughton Law in Vancouver, an Adjunct Professor at Simon Fraser University and Sessional Lecturer at  Thompson Rivers University Law School, where he teaches Ethical Lawyering. He is a regular business law columnist with The Globe and Mail and a Bencher of The Law Society of British Columbia. He is the author of Manage Your Online Reputation and Buying a Franchise in Canada. The views expressed herein do not reflect the opinions of the Law Society of British Columbia or any other organization.

Column: Letter from Law Law Land
The Law Society of Upper Canada needs a new name, so let's help them choose it!I have always found the Law Society of Upper Canada a bit of an anomaly, not so much because of its rumoured multimillion-dollar wine cellar but because of its name.
The tweed curtain: Oak Bay now rules British ColumbiaFor those of you who have never been there, Oak Bay, B.C., (perhaps a 10-minute drive to downtown Victoria) may be among the most pleasant, idyllic and floral suburbs in Canada. There are magnificent waterfront homes with immaculate gardens set alongside tree-lined streets; many with million-dollar views of Mount Baker across Strait of Juan de Fuca or, depending upon where you are, equally expensive views of San Juan Island across Haro Strait.
Thank you, President Trump: the best thing that's happened to the Rule of Law, journalism and humour since WatergateA few of my columns in 2016 dealt with the candidacy of United States President Donald Trump. I predicted on Oct. 24, 2016 in a column called "Thankfully, Biff Tannen will not be president" that there was no way he would be elected. Two weeks later, I had to eat my words in a column called "I was Trumped."
Globe and Mail columnist hates B.C., wants rampant cancer and every whale deadThe headline above is a “word-for-word” tweet from someone who didn’t like Gary Mason’s column in The Globe and Mail on Dec. 2, called The Rest of Canada Needs Pipelines. It’s worth a read. Mason’s argument is that in Alberta, tens of thousands of people have been out of work for almost two years and have used up their EI benefits and are now on welfare.
Many will lose their homes to foreclosure. Oil workers in Newfoundland have been affected as well.
People in Vancouver, he says, “need to get out of their idyllic little bubbles and see how things are in the rest of the country. Not everyone has locked into a small fortune as a result of home ownership. Many people across this country live day to day.”
Thursday, 10 November 2016 15:10

I was ‘Trumped’

I was ‘Trumped’I wrote an opinion piece a couple of weeks ago called "Thankfully, Biff Tannen will not be president." It more or less said there was no way a thrice-married serial adulterer, misogynist, bankrupt casino owner, self-promoting sexual predator, liar, tax dodger, alleged fraudster, draft evader and a man who regularly stiffed his tradesmen could ever win the presidency. But that's where we are today. That's democracy, folks. 
Thankfully, Biff Tannen will not be president

I'm going to boldly make a prediction (two weeks before the election in the United States) that Hillary Clinton will become the next U.S. president and that Donald Trump (who former prime minister Kim Campbell publicly called a "self-celebrating sexual predator") will not become groper-in-chief. Not only will Biff Tannen lose badly (so we won’t need to use a time machine to fix things), he will lose ignominiously because he'll claim that the election was rigged by “Crooked Hillary and the media” (as he’s already doing at the time of writing).
Monday, 29 August 2016 09:00

Cooling the housing market

Cooling the housing marketIt's a strange world when William Shatner, boldly doing a one-man show across North America about his life as James T. Kirk, T.J. Hooker, Denny Crane, Stan Fields and a pitchman for (and if you go back further, Loblaws), mentions one of his biggest regrets is not buying real estate in Vancouver.
The rule of law is even more important this yearYou might remember Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who was president and controlling shareholder of oil company Yukos and the wealthiest man in Russia until his arrest in 2003 and subsequent conviction and imprisonment for fraud and tax evasion. It all happened around the same time he sought to create (and fund) a new political party to challenge the rule of Vladimir Putin.
Timing is everything in the marijuana decriminalization businessIt’s an odd coincidence that I’m writing this article around 4:20 p.m. on 4/20 from Vancouver — 4/20 being common urban slang for marijuana consumption that has now morphed into a cultural trademark for those who wish to decriminalize it and draw political attention on April 20 each year.
Monday, 22 February 2016 10:03

President Trump as torturer-in-chief

President Trump as torturer-in-chiefI’m in cool but sunny New York as I write this, escaping the pounding rain that has engulfed Vancouver over the past few weeks. One word has jumped out at me during my stay in NYC. The word is on more buildings here than I cared to imagine. That word is “Trump.”
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