Jennifer Nees

Jennifer Nees

Jennifer Nees is a certified specialist in immigration law practising business immigration with Egan LLP. She is the chairwoman of the immigration section of the Ontario Bar Association. She can be reached at The views expressed in this column are that of the author alone.

Column: The Immigration Line
Federal government makes hopeful announcements on immigrationImmigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has made multiple announcements over the last several weeks. 
Report on Temporary Foreign Worker Program is a hopeful sign of reform
The Report of the Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities by the House of Commons was released this week with an overview of and recommendations for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program in Canada.
Building a data-based immigration systemThe firm where I work recently hosted a roundtable with Minister of Citizenship, Refugees, and Immigration John McCallum along with several business leaders in Canada. As part of the minister’s on-going commitment to review the International Mobility Program and his ministry’s relationship to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, consultations are being held to discuss the nature of business in Canada.
The immigration machine is complicatedThe immigration machine is a complicated one. There are many competing priorities including the need to help refugees, reunite families, bring in permanent residents, and support the international mobility of workers.
Understanding risk boundaries when entering Canada to ‘work’I am often asked some variation of this question by new/potential clients, “Are you telling me that every company in Canada who has senior executives who live in another country and work frequently in Canada are getting work permits?”
Monday, 25 January 2016 10:18

Legal interpretation and risk assessment

Legal interpretation and risk assessmentAt the intersection of law and legal practice is interpretation. Where there is interpretation, there is risk. Helping clients both develop and understand their risk tolerance has become an increasingly complicated endeavour.
Don’t forget the business side of immigrationMy column has had really one or two overarching themes: change is constant and transparency is critical.
Audits and administrative monetary penalty regime possible game-changersOn Dec. 1, Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Employment and Social Development Canada will become the administrators of a new Administrative Monetary Penalty system meant to hold Canadian employers in check for compliance with Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program.
Foreign students left out under new systemThe Pan American Games have been amazing. For those of us in Toronto, the Games have given us an opportunity to showcase our city, show pride in our country, and celebrate the myriad countries around the world where many of us hail from.
Being selected takes planning and strategizingI’ve written before about the changes to the Canadian permanent residence process and the Express Entry system. We all know it’s changed. We know there is a portal. We know you enter the portal and get ranked against fellow applicants based on a variety of factors including language ability, age, education, and whether or not there has been a labour market test for the position you currently hold in Canada.
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