Jane Southren

Jane Southren

Jane Southren is the principle of Jane Southren Consulting. Drawing on more than 15 years of experience as a practising litigator and almost five years as an in-house business development coach at a mid-sized law firm, Jane works with lawyers to help them build their practices into strong, sustainable businesses. She writes and speaks regularly about issues facing lawyers building practices in today’s market and can be reached at jane@southren.ca.

Column: Practice Made Perfect

No, you aren’t imagining it: Legal services really are harder to ‘sell’Legal services, and in fact many professional services, are what economists call “credence goods.” Selling credence goods has some very specific marketing challenges. I have described below three of the challenges I suspect will resonate with the experience all of you are having as you try to build your businesses, and some things to keep in mind about them in the course of your own business development activities.
From getting to giving: Transforming your approach to networkingFrom what I have seen thus far in my journey helping lawyers build businesses, there is one struggle that seems to be shared almost universally among them. It is the conflict that arises in their minds because they believe that in order to build a business they have to “ask for work” but the idea of asking for work is utterly appalling to them.
Influence: What it is, why you want it and how to get it!The ability to exercise influence is one of the most impactful tools in a lawyer’s toolkit, but how to get it and use it is not well understood.
Experiment with social media to uncover what works best for youWithout a doubt, what works best for you on social media will change depending on the audiences you are trying to engage, the time you put into it and your unique personality, skills and objectives.
In this episode of Practice Made Perfect, Jane Southren talks about a few ways lawyers can drive revenue to their business.
Video: Practice Made Perfect: How to drive revenueIn this episode of Practice Made Perfect, Jane Southren talks about a few ways lawyers can drive revenue to their business.
Cross-selling: the Unicorn of the practice of lawHave you ever wondered why so many lawyers refer matters to lawyers outside of their firms when there are lawyers inside their firms who have the experience and expertise to handle them? Making it all the more puzzling is the fact that it would often be to that lawyer’s financial advantage to refer the matter internally instead of externally.
Neuroscience provides a case for docketing business development timeI can’t tell you how much time I spend encouraging people to docket their business development time.
Wednesday, 28 December 2016 09:00

Storytelling mastery: Why it matters to lawyers

Storytelling mastery: Why it matters to lawyersThroughout history, people of influence have recognized stories as a highly effective means of creating connection, loyalty and trust among people, making ideas memorable and persuading and inspiring people into some kind of action.
Video: Practice Made Pefect: Rankings and awards – Get involved!In this episode of Practice Made Perfect, Jane Southren talks about rankings and awards and how even though there are some legitimate criticisms of them, they are still worthwhile for lawyers and law firms to pursue.
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