Arshy Mann

Arshy Mann

Arshy Mann is a staff writer for Canadian Lawyer and Law Times. After receiving his journalism education at the Ubyssey student newspaper, Arshy has worked at the Canadian University Press, the Toronto Star and Canadian Business. He can be reached at
Monday, 12 January 2015 11:45

Success at all levels - Part 2

This article is a continuation of 'Success at all levels' from the January 2015 issue of Canadian Lawyer magazine.

Click here to read part 1.
Monday, 05 January 2015 08:00

Success at all levels - Part 1

Success at all levels - Part 1Top 10 Insurance defence boutiques

When insurers sneeze, insurance defence firms are likely to catch a cold. There are only a handful of other practice areas that are as sensitive to the ebbs and flows of an industry controlled by a small number of corporations. And while recent developments in the insurance world might appear to be trivial from the outside, they’re having an outsized effect on the law firms that inhabit that domain.
Monday, 15 December 2014 00:08

The inversion backlash

The inversion backlashSomething strange happened in 2014 — Americans became very interested in corporate tax policy. It started in the spring, when U.S.-based pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, which produces blockbuster drugs like Lipitor and Viagra, floated a possible merger with its British-based rival AstraZeneca.
Monday, 17 November 2014 00:08

The most interesting man at Queen’s Park

The most interesting man at Queen’s ParkJagmeet Singh stands out. In the bespoke suits and custom-fitted shirts he favours, Singh looks like he should be on the cover of a glossy magazine — which he was when Toronto Life named him to their best-dressed list last year.
Wednesday, 15 October 2014 08:01

The lure of Mexico

The lure of MexicoWhen Guillermo Cruz Rico moved to Canada in 2005, he left behind a life as a criminal lawyer in Mexico City, the megalopolis where he’d been born and raised. But in less than a year, he had settled down in Toronto and was working as an in-house consultant for Greenspan Partners LLP, the reputed criminal defence firm.
Monday, 29 September 2014 10:23

The trouble with criminal speech

The trouble with criminal speechIn 2011, an RCMP officer called Karen MacKinnon at her home in Drumheller, Alta. and asked her to come into the station for an interview. He wanted to talk to her about comments she had made on Facebook. She was wary at first, but agreed to meet with him and drove down to the station in her truck.
Monday, 01 September 2014 08:00

Stronger than ever

Stronger than everCanadian Lawyer returns to our survey of western and northern-based firms to find a region filled with excitement and not afraid to flex its muscles. Merger-mania is over and the regional firms left standing are stronger than ever. “I think there’s been a seismic shift,” says Richard Bereti, managing partner of Harper Grey LLP.
Monday, 25 August 2014 08:00

The law school of the future — today

Photo: Claudio Calligaris
Photo: Claudio Calligaris
Harry Arthurs knows a thing or two about legal education. The 79-year-old has been a fixture of Canada’s legal community for more than 50 years. He has served as dean of Osgoode Hall Law School, president of York University, and was the author of “Law and Learning,” a 1983 report that was the first comprehensive examination of Canadian legal education. When asked to assess how important McGill University’s introduction of a “transsystemic” law program in 1999 was, Arthurs is definitive. “I think it’s one of the most dramatic changes in English-language legal education in 100 years,” he says.
Monday, 04 August 2014 08:00

Avoid common ADR pitfalls

Illustration: Mick Coulas
Illustration: Mick Coulas
Compared to the combat of litigation, alternative dispute resolution might seem to some like a pleasant alternative. But mediations, arbitrations, and their various brethren come with pitfalls of their own that can ensnare an unwary lawyer. Whether it’s your first time working through a labour mediation or you’re a jet-setter representing global multinationals, make sure to avoid some of the most common errors that plague ADRs.
‘If you’re planning on claiming privilege, stamp it,’ says Malcolm Aboud.
‘If you’re planning on claiming privilege, stamp it,’ says Malcolm Aboud.
When undertaking an investigation in preparation for litigation, there’s always a danger it could fall into the other party’s hands through discovery. Litigation privilege doesn’t automatically apply to all investigative reports commissioned by a party.
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