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September: Law students should take it in strideFor many, September represents a time of new resolutions. Stemming from those ingrained back-to-school feelings, many individuals set new goals. For law students, the prospect of overcoming last year’s academic struggles can guide their September aspirations. No matter what year a law student is in, the fall renews ambition. There are clubs to join, moots to consider, potential jobs to look into and study habits to improve. Whether starting your law school career or breezing into third year, a successful school year requires a plan in September. Here are a few suggestions to maintain a level head academically, while still participating in extracurricular activities.
Monday, 08 August 2016 09:00

The new Calgary Curriculum: what we’ve done

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The new Calgary Curriculum: what we’ve doneIn my very first column in this series, which I entitled “What we know,” I offered a number of things that, to my lights at least, discredit the conventional model of legal education and lawyer training as we know it in Canada. Our duty, I said, is to prepare students for the profession they’re joining, not the one we joined. And there is no question, I argued, that their profession is going to look different from ours. From this it follows — axiomatically, it seems to me — that we have to reconsider how we “do” law school. What was relevant to us in the 20th century may or may not be relevant to our students in the 21st. And if it isn't, then we owe it to our students — and at the risk of sounding corny, to the rule of law in Canada — to get rid of it and put something better in its place.
Monday, 01 August 2016 11:20

4Students Fall 2016 Supplement

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With strong recommendations in the report of the Truth and Reconcilliation Commission, we look at what's happening in the area of changes to legal education at law schools across the country.

Monday, 06 June 2016 09:00

Your courtroom is ready!

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TRU law students have created an app to help lawyers, self-reps with timing of hearings.
TRU law students have created an app to help lawyers, self-reps with timing of hearings.
It started as an idea taken from the restaurant trade where patrons are given a buzzer that indicates when their table is ready. A group of Thompson Rivers University law students have taken that concept and evolved it into an app that allows lawyers or self-litigants to know when a hearing on an application before the B.C. Supreme Court justice may occur during the day.
Monday, 30 May 2016 09:00

Oops, I did it again!

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Oops, I did it again!I don’t imagine that Britney Spears has often thought about the Canadian legal profession. But if she did, she might have been forgiven for having been inspired to name her second album by watching us in action. To paraphrase Abba Eban, we never seem to miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity — an opportunity, that is, to chart a new course in the relationship between the practising arm of the profession and the teaching one.
Tuesday, 24 May 2016 09:46

The final flight

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The final flightSeated on my return flight from Fredericton to Toronto, I thumb through my freshly printed yearbook. Chronicling the adventures of the 2015-16 academic year, the pages evoke nostalgia.
Monday, 25 April 2016 09:00

Dress for success: What to wear in law school

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Dress for success: What to wear in law schoolAdmittedly, with the grind of exams at this time of year, few students have fashion top of mind. But, in the day-to-day of law school, styles vary as much as the student body. And similar to how someone dresses for the gym, office, or club, what a law student yanks from his or her closet to head to class — whether its sweatpants and a hoodie or a suit by Hugo Boss — is no accident.
Monday, 18 April 2016 09:58

2016 moot roundup

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Every year, dozens of moots are held across Canada with law students debating issues from all areas of law. As the school year draws to a close and students cast back over their accomplishments, moots are sure to be a highlight. Here’s our annual roundup for 2016 — let us know if we’ve missed one.
Third-year Calgary law student Trevor Gair, left, and professor Michael Geist met at RightsCon 2016 in San Francisco.
Third-year Calgary law student Trevor Gair, left, and professor Michael Geist met at RightsCon 2016 in San Francisco.
The power of the Internet is awesome. Tremendous amounts of knowledge are available literally at our fingertips. But with this great power comes great responsibility — and even greater questions.
Monday, 11 April 2016 09:54

Incentivization and change in legal education

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Incentivization and change in legal educationThe genius of our version of the rule of law is that it is not the law of rules. Yes, there are imperatives — what we lawyers call statutes and regulations — with which we all are obliged to comply. But for the most part, the rule of law in the anglo-Canadian tradition is premised on the notion that freedom is a paramount social value.
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