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on May 23, 2017
School’s out, stay organized
The summer has begun and some of you have just completed your first year of law school — congratulations! Hopefully after the release of grades you are able to relax and enjoy the time off from school and remain optimistic about the next two years. The majority of students that have finished 1L will likely find themselves without the highly coveted summer law student jobs and that is perfectly fine. It is now time to perfect your job application package, in preparation for the major law student
on May 23, 2017
How pro bono work made me a stronger advocate
Mahmood always presents well: He’s clean shaven, well dressed, gracious and polite. Soft-spoken, with a medium build and slight frame, and, though not yet fluent, he speaks English proficiently thanks to Canada’s English as a second language program for immigrants.
Law School Futures
on May 8, 2017
Tradition in form, change in substance
“You're a strange dude, Ian.”

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