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on November 30, 2015
Are we doing enough to optimize the student body’s mental health?
I was recently struck by a bold Facebook status from a fellow 3L, Stacey Merrigan. On Oct. 14, she wrote:
on November 23, 2015
The power of mentorship
All I did was take them to Boston Pizza. They were gobsmacked when I offered to pay for dinner, as my mentors had done for me not long ago. They were nervous, scared, excited, and eager — everything 1Ls should be. After our dinner was over, they told me just how excited they were to deploy my questionable advice in pursuit of their academic success.
on November 23, 2015
‘Stars align’ for U of C’s new public interest law clinic
The University of Calgary opened its new Public Interest Law Clinic on Nov. 2, made possible by a $1-million gift from the Peacock Family Foundation.

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Fall 2015, Volume 10 • Issue 1
    • Subtitle Cover story
    Written by Jennifer Brown
    Issue: Fall 2015
    Joshua D’Cunha feels pretty pumped about landing a full-time job at Infrastructure Ontario as legal counsel. The University of Windsor…
  • Written by Jennifer Brown
    Issue: Fall 2015
    In August 2010, Toronto was simmering away in a sticky heat wave as John MacLean found himself packing to move…
    • Subtitle The minds, the inspiration, and what's next from the innovation zone
    Written by Yamri Taddese
    Issue: Fall 2015
    Blue J Legal The innovation: Blue J Legal is “kind of like a super-charged Siri for tax law,” says University…
    • Subtitle Thompson Rivers University law course look at legal challenges ahead
    Written by Janet Guttsman
    Issue: Fall 2015
    There are no heavy legal textbooks in the required reading for a bold new course at the still young law…
  • Written by Anastasiya Jogal
    Issue: Fall 2015
    To be part of one of the longest technologically-driven, white-collar-crime jury trials in Canadian history was more than Tala Khoury…
  • Written by Kelsey Rolfe
    Issue: Fall 2015
    For most students, taking on debt is an expected but unwelcome part of the law school experience — and many…
    • Subtitle Calgary's law school is ramping up performance-based learning
    Written by Anastasiya Jogal
    Issue: Fall 2015
    Known for its technology-savvy Faculty of Law, the University of Calgary is taking practical steps toward achieving more performance-based learning…
    • Subtitle . . . in St. John's, Nfld, in Winnipeg, e-discovery, IP law
    Written by Anastasiya Jogal
    Issue: Fall 2015
    Practising in St. John'sEmily Lukaweski, Cox & Palmer LLP                       …
    • Subtitle Student's Page
    Written by Kate Palumbo
    Issue: Fall 2015
    After studying jazz performance at McGill University from 2007-2010, Kate Palumbo continued to live in Montreal, immersed in the local…
    • Subtitle Editor's Desk
    Written by Jennifer Brown
    Issue: Fall 2015
    While it’s too early to declare Ontario’s English- and French-language Law Practice Program an overnight success after just one year,…
Ab Initio colum: Are we doing enough to optimize the student body’s #mentalhealth? asks @TEDFLETT #Lawschool
RT @mgeist: Why did Cdn Heritage officials brief @melaniejoly that hybrid legal/illegal sites an emerging © issue?
RT @LawTimes: News: Merchant Law Group under fire in Ontario courts #cdnlaw #classactions
RT @LegalFeedsblog: New blog post: Times they are a changin’
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