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on August 22, 2016
September: Law students should take it in stride
For many, September represents a time of new resolutions. Stemming from those ingrained back-to-school feelings, many individuals set new goals. For law students, the prospect of overcoming last year’s academic struggles can guide their September aspirations. No matter what year a law student is in, the fall renews ambition. There are clubs to join, moots to consider, potential jobs to look into and study habits to improve. Whether starting your law school career or breezing into third year, a
Law School Futures
on August 8, 2016
The new Calgary Curriculum: what we’ve done
In my very first column in this series, which I entitled “What we know,” I offered a number of things that, to my lights at least, discredit the conventional model of legal education and lawyer training as we know it in Canada. Our duty, I said, is to prepare students for the profession they’re joining, not the one we joined. And there is no question, I argued, that their profession is going to look different from ours. From this it follows — axiomatically, it seems to me — that we have
on August 1, 2016
4Students Fall 2016 Supplement
With strong recommendations in the report of the Truth and Reconcilliation Commission, we look at what's happening in the area of changes to legal education at law schools across the country.

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Fall 2016 • Special Supplement
  • Written by Mervin Brass
    Issue: Fall 2016
    Last year, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission issued its much anticipated report on six years of information gathering from across…
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