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September 29, 2014
The next frontier
The practice of law is always evolving as new influences such as technology add complexity to how lawyers solve problems for their clients. From intellectual property to labour and employment to business law, and beyond technology and evolving business models have created new opportunities for lawyers to do what they do best — resolve disputes and grow their practice areas.
September 29, 2014
New web site for law students strikes the right balance
Ten years ago, when Melanie Banka Goela was a student at Osgoode Hall Law School, nobody talked about the stress and pressures associated with being a law student.
September 29, 2014
Video: Making Rain - Value your time
In this month’s episode, executive coach Debra Forman discusses focusing your efforts on how you bill and value your time. Time should be your biggest ally as it is your dearest asset. Bottom line, you always want to be engaged and focused.
September 29, 2014
Loss for First Nations at SCC has silver lining
The Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling in Grassy Narrows First Nation v. Ontario (Natural Resources) on July 11 ended a dispute that has played out in northern woodlots and in the courts for the last 15 years.
Ab Initio
September 29, 2014
See no students, hear no students: are law societies listening to us?
There is rising doubt as to whether the voice of law and articling students is being heard in respect to decisions pertaining to the future of the profession. Case in point: the Law Society of New Brunswick’s special meeting on Sept. 13 to reconsider the council’s Trinity Western University accreditation decision.
September 26, 2014
Response to concerns over Canadian Lawyer September cover
Canadian Lawyer is very concerned about the reaction from some members of the bar to the cover of our September issue. We regret the image has been interpreted in a way that was never our intention.The intent of the cover was to illustrate a woman waiting and having to bide her time trying to figure out the password or key to get through a locked door, consistent with the theme of the article. The figure behind the door with a speakeasy-type slider is in the shadows, representing the gatekeeper o

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