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How do we get more diversity on the bench when there’s no transparency in the appointments process?
September 1, 2014
Cracking the system
As far as political firestorms go, Justice Minister Peter MacKay’s June was slightly hotter than most. It began innocently enough on June 13 with the announcement the federal government had appointed 12 new judges to the bench. It was undoubtedly expected to be a routine announcement to fill various vacancies across the country; in law firms and wine bars across the country there would be small gatherings of law firm partners to toast the elevation of their colleagues to the bench. Then somethi
Deloitte beefs up immigration services with law firm alliance
September 1, 2014
The rise of the single services provider
A small Toronto law firm says the move to form an alliance with Deloitte Canada will strengthen its position to help clients better navigate the increasingly complex world of immigration law.
Ab Initio
September 1, 2014
School’s in! Mixed emotions and new challenges entering 2L
This week, law schools across Canada are back in. Admittedly, my back-to-school emotions are mixed.
September 1, 2014
Law prof pressures may be barrier to preparing law students for new reality of lawyering
Associate professor Craig Forcese of the common law section at the University of Ottawa is interested in the academic engagement of other law professors, in part the pressure on them to pursue research.

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In this month’s Tech Support column @dera_nevin takes on the thorny question of whether document review is legal work
Here’s Canadian Lawyer’s ranking of the top 10 Western and Northern regional law firms #cdnlaw
CL Sept cover story Cracking the system examines the closed judicial appt process by @stephenlautens #cdnlaw #cdnpoli
The Canadian Lawyer Daily is out! Stories via @howardknopf @Lawyer2Bmag @stphnmaher
The Canadian Lawyer Daily is out! Stories via @legalfutures @Popehat

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