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Practising In-house
April 13, 2015
Creating a board of advisers: Should I or shouldn’t I?
In-house counsel play an important role in ensuring their clients exercise appropriate corporate governance — “appropriate” being the operative word. Applying big company practices holus bolus to start-ups and small- to medium-sized enterprises can be as inappropriate as shooting from the hip and ignoring tried and true governance practices which have benefited companies as they have scaled.
Make it Count
April 13, 2015
To ask or not to ask for the business
Your successful career as a lawyer will have a huge dependency on your ability to find, mind, and grow a valuable client portfolio. You can be the best at creating your personal business plan, networking, writing, and everything else . . . but if you can’t “close the engagement,” you lose.
How formal procedures and substantive rights will be affected
April 13, 2015
Changes to patent law
Canada is preparing to implement the Patent Law Treaty, which aims to harmonize formal procedures in respect of patent applications. Statutory amendments which implement and go beyond the treaty were recently passed into law, and regulatory amendments are expected to be released in draft for public consultation late 2016. The statutory and regulatory amendments will come into force after that.
The Future Files
April 13, 2015
New Acrobat is up in the air
Last week, Adobe Systems released the latest version of its popular and standard-setting document software, Adobe Acrobat. The latest version is called Adobe Acrobat DC.
April 13, 2015
Disrupting or just evolving?
Corporate law departments under pressure to cut costs may be the main driver behind a revolution in the provision of legal services, but when it comes to innovation they may be hamstrung by their own lack of budgets to pull it off themselves.
April 13, 2015
Video: Technology, law, and innovation
Osgoode Hall Law School hosted its first showcase of original web application presentations for the legal profession developed by law students, as part of their final for the Legal Information Technology class. The course is the first of its kind in law schools all over Canada. Assistant editor Anastasyia Jogal reports.

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