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July 28, 2014
TRU law class embrace the Wiki
Thompson Rivers University professor Margaret Hall’s mandatory first-year legal perspectives class has historically been a difficult one to teach.
The Immigration Line
July 28, 2014
How do you fix a problem like immigration?
The headline is tongue-in-cheek because really, the first step towards “fixing” immigration is to realize the immigration program as a whole, and even our temporary foreign worker program, in part, are not necessarily broken. Yes, there are people who misuse, misunderstand, or downright abuse the system, but a watch isn’t broken because someone forgets to wind it.
A counterpoint to Bob Rae
July 28, 2014
The new constitutional order
Bob Rae’s sunny and upbeat assessment of the state of aboriginal law, in the July edition of Canadian Lawyer, warrants a counterpoint response.
Ab Initio
July 28, 2014
Etiquette and student recruitment: what’s the fuss?
“Etiquette shmetiquette,” I thought to myself when I noticed one of the University of New Brunswick law career development seminar topics was essentially Manners 101. I didn’t think I needed it. I’m no Emily Post but I don’t offend people by talking politics or religion on first meeting and I hold my pinky finger out when sipping tea.
Class Acts
July 28, 2014
A steeper hill for securities class actions
The plaintiff’s securities class action bar takes on substantial risk when they bring a claim seeking leave under Part XXIII.1 of the Ontario Securities Act. Often, all counsel knows is there has been some wrongdoing at a company that has led to a dramatic decline in the price of a share. The diligent counsel reviews the company’s historic public disclosure, wherein the company’s health has been, without fail, viewed through rose-coloured glasses. Once the corrective disclosure occurs, the
July 28, 2014
Appeal court rules in favour of UBS in fight with former CEO and director
It won’t change or strengthen any laws around executive compensation but a recent decision from the Ontario Court of Appeal should have boards giving sober second thought to how they grant big bonuses and golden parachutes to top executives.
July 28, 2014
Video: Making Rain - Stay in the driver's seat
In this month’s Making Rain, executive coach Debra Forman reminds you that when it comes to balancing your career desires you are ultimately the person responsible for your success.

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