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January 26, 2015
Video: Making Rain - Resolutions: How will I act in 2015?
As is customary in her January episodes of Making Rain, executive coach Debra Forman providesan opportunity to commit to taking your personal success to even higher levels by pledging to uphold new business development and practice management resolutions and strategies during the upcoming year.
The Immigration Line
January 26, 2015
It’s only January and our heads are already spinning
It’s only January and immigration practitioners have already forgotten all visions of sugar-plum fairies and new years fireworks. Immigration updates and changes continue to be fast and furious, and the brave new world of Express Entry is finally here.
January 26, 2015
Shaping the Future
Welcome to our third year of the InHouse View — an annual “look ahead” series of interviews in which we talk to leading corporate counsel about their current challenges and projects for the year.
January 26, 2015
The day before Christmas
For so many, the day before Christmas is the beginning of a special time. No matter one’s faith, offices close early, last-minute shoppers scurry to find gifts as a sign of gratitude, a break from work is ahead.
Rocky road to licensing has some questioning if LPP is the answer
January 26, 2015
Letter to LSUC shines light on LPP students’ plight
The LPP is a program divided.
January 26, 2015
How to join your first board
I previously wrote an article about how to break into the field of health law. One of my tips was joining the board of a non-profit in the health sector. I have had many followup questions about that piece of advice and thought I’d expand on how lawyers can join their first boards.
Law Library
January 26, 2015
You can’t win ’em all
It’s the question every criminal lawyer has been asked more than any other (after “Why did it cost that much?”): “How can you defend a person you know to be guilty?” And my answer is always that it’s really not that hard, relatively speaking.
Ab Initio
January 26, 2015
Not to be dismissed
Last semester, one of my columns questioned whether law school students are being heard. I was encouraged to revisit the subject given the discussion it spurred among my peers and a recent event that again questions whether students are taken seriously.

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