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April 14, 2014
Overtime class actions: directors take note of your potential exposure
The Ontario Court of Appeal’s 2012 trilogy of overtime class action decisions Fresco v. CIBC, Fulawka v. Bank of Nova Scotia, and McCracken v. v. Canadian National Railway Co. confirmed the viability a relatively new form of class action previously unexplored and highly uncertain in Ontario.
April 14, 2014
Video: McGill law students launch anti-discrimination campaign
A group of law students from McGill University have launched a campaign to “denounce the conscious and unconscious micro-aggression” they face at the school.
The Future Files
April 14, 2014
Why e-mail will not be important in the future
E-mail will gradually diminish as a primary online communication tool in the coming decade.
Make it Count
April 14, 2014
Analysis paralysis is lethal for your career
It is true that even a mediocre plan, well executed, can have more impact than a brilliant plan poorly implemented.
Practising In-house
April 14, 2014
The impact of global warming on in-house counsel?
Discussions about how to prepare for global warming are proliferating, driven by a perceived increase in natural disasters such as recent devastating hurricanes and wildfires in the United States, flooding in Europe, drought in Africa and parts of Asia, measured increases in temperature, animal and plant extinction, glacial melting, and ocean acidification. But are these discussions affecting in-house counsel and the way in which they prepare, plan, and implement?
April 14, 2014
It’s game on in bet-the-company litigation
When it comes to high-stakes litigation in-house counsel play a critical role in the outcome but experts say they need to know the important steps in the battle plan.

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Canadian Judicial Council to hold an inquiry on Que Superior Ct judge Michel Déziel relating to allegations re municipal elxn financing

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