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Cover story
April 27, 2015
Taking stock of food fables
On its labels and in its advertising, including its web site, Vitaminwater is classified as a “nutrient enhanced water beverage,” by Glacéau, the Coca Cola subsidiary that produces the popular drink.
Border Crossings
April 27, 2015
For fetter or worse
I found the smoking gun of humanitarian and compassionate decision-making in immigration law. Of all the unlikely places, I found it in Robarts Library at the University of Toronto. It is the only place that has it, I’m pretty sure.
The IT Girl
April 27, 2015
Is cyber-liability insurance the answer to data breaches?
There is no doubt the world can be a scary and threatening place in which to do business. Cyber attacks are on the rise. Estimates show cybercriminals unleash 3.5 new threats targeting small and medium businesses every second.
April 27, 2015
New student legal aid clinic opening in Thunder Bay
Lakehead Legal Services is the first legal aid clinic to open its doors at the law school in Thunder Bay, Ont.
Letter from Law Law Land
April 27, 2015
Victims of ideology: All the ‘isms’ are now ‘wasms’
“Saigon . . .  I’m still only in Saigon . . . Every time I think I’m gonna wake up back in the jungle.”
Managing Partner Forum
April 27, 2015
The role of ‘non-lawyers’ in delivering exceptional client experiences
Note from Scott Jolliffe, chairman and CEO of Gowlings:When I was asked to write an article about the increasingly important role of “non-lawyers” in law firms, I asked Rick Kathuria, our national director, project management office and legal logistics, to share his views on the subject, particularly given his role in our newly launched legal project management initiative, Gowlings Practical™ — in which Rick has been a vital and driving force. Rick is not a lawyer, but he has credentials
Ab Initio
April 27, 2015
1Ls and 2Ls with aspirations: don’t squander your summer!
This time last year, I returned home to Ontario dazed and confused after a strenuous first year of law school. But before I could nap and Netflix my summer away, filing the occasional Ab Initio column, UNB’s career services director suggested I start hustling Bay Street if I hoped to land there in my summer after 2L.
April 27, 2015
Video: Making Rain: Be your own gatekeeper
In this month’s episode, Debra Forman challenges lawyers to be more proactive and hands-on in their professional development by being their own gatekeeper — effectively allocating their own time and executing their efforts.

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